How to Fit in the Baptism Dress Code

How do you dress when you receive an invite to a baptism ceremony? This is something that most people do not know about. Different occasions and ceremonies have dressing codes that you are obligated to adhere to in order to give such an occasion its meaning and recognize it importance. A baptism ceremony is no different.

Being invited to a baptism ceremony has a very special meaning. It clearly shows how a child’s parents value you and will be very happy to see you at their child’s baptism ceremony, a special occasion when the child is not only given a name officially but also brought before Jesus Christ, where upon special prayers are offered by the parents’ church authority. Attending the ceremony there requires that you get into the appropriate baptism dress code.

Although you may find it difficult to figure out a baptism dress code, it is the easiest thing to do. Sit back and remind yourself of how you dress when invited to a wedding ceremony. You obviously ensure that your dressing code is in line with the wedding ceremony, in which case red may be your best pick as a symbol of love. Likewise, you need to consider the meaning of a baptism ceremony. One thing that should come into your mind is that the baby will be baptized, given a name, blessed and will most likely be dressed in a white baptism dress as a symbol of purity. You should therefore tailor your dressing code to be around a white theme. Because baptism ceremonies generally require light clothing (if the weather permits), settle for a white or near white shirt and trousers. If you are a lady, a semi-formal whitish dress that is not provocative should do.

The fact that the presiding priest or pastor will also be in an appropriate baptism dress makes it very necessary for you too to be in an appropriate dressing. Note also that others invited to the ceremony will also be dressed appropriately to give the day its meaning. It may at times turn out that you simply do not know what to put on for the ceremony. Many people face this challenge. The best way to go about resolving this is to enquire from the child’s parents on the best way to dress for the ceremony.

Apart from paying attention to baptism dress code, the other thing you will need to consider is a baptism gift. The fact that a child’s parents saw it fit to invite you at their child’s baptism ceremony shows how much they appreciate you. It is only appropriate that you show the same appreciation not only through attendance but also through a gift. Shop for the most appropriate gift to present, and it does not need to be that expensive. It the child is a baby girl, a name charm, bracelet or a pendant necklace. It may work best to enquire about the name to be given and get the same engraved in a gift that you buy. There are also suitable alternatives in case the child is male.

Simon Jackobson works for one of the leading manufacturers of baptism dresses (interesting to know is that the Norwegian term is dåpskjoler) in Norway – Oliprik.

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