How to Dress for Dinner in an Upmarket Restaurant

This post contains a number of top tips and ideas for how to dress correctly for a date in an upmarket restaurant.

Rise to the Occasion

If you are fortunate enough to dine in upmarket, desirable restaurants just as an everyday matter of course, then well done to you! It is much more likely, however, that you are eating in a “posh” establishment because it is a special occasion. A birthday, the office Christmas party, a first date and a wedding anniversary are all times when you may eat somewhere a little more exclusive against where you would normally choose.

When eating out somewhere different, often the most daunting thing is ensuring that you are dressed well. The biggest danger to your reputation and confidence is always going to be underdressing, but how are you going to get your style spot on?

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Forget About These

Don’t even consider wearing denim, loud graphic t-shirts, trainers, or anything else that screams “relaxing pint down the local.” Keep your ultra-casual clothes for the times when they are appropriate.

While underdressing has the biggest potential to make you look like a clueless moron, it has to be said that being overdressed probably isn’t too far behind in this instance. You may well be tempted to go for the full tuxedo, but unless you know it is the dress code then it probably isn’t necessary. Think about meeting a girl for the first time after talking to her on eHarmony and turning up in a tuxedo – she’ll either expect that all the time or think you’ve lost the plot!

What should you do?

Staying Safe in Tailoring

Having heeded our warnings it is probably clear in your mind that tailoring is the way to go. Again, we aren’t talking power suits, pinstrips, or anything loud and ostentatious, merely something that will make you look smart and sophisticated. Most importantly, well-chosen tailoring will look effortless, you will exude style and class without doing anything.

Go for a navy suit in a classic cut – try not to wear the suit you always wear to work, unless finances dictate you will have to. Depending on how formal or otherwise you wish to be, you can make the straight choice between wearing a tie or not. If you are going for a relaxed tie-free look, then show this in your shirt by undoing the top two buttons. If you are sporting a rug on your chest, however, this will need bringing under control or the second button fastening!

And whatever you do, make sure you polish your shoes!

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