How Novelty Clothing Destroyed Men’s Fashion

A Sense of Humour?

It has long been one of the great misconceptions in life that you can show someone how funny you are through the clothes that you wear. The reality is that by dressing to show off your “wild side,” in many respects you are actually just making yourself look like a bit of an idiot. It is very easy to hide behind what you wear, and at times this manifests itself in the wearing of hideous novelty clothes. Clothing cannot really be used for anything, despite what you may read elsewhere and what psychology and body language “experts” would have you believe. Your own self-awareness and confidence will go furthest to dictating your own style, and anyone with real inner belief would never go to such ridiculous lengths.

What are the most common novelty ties that continue to drag men’s fashion into the gutter?


The novelty tie seems to be the all-time favourite, and if I had a pound for every quality shirt or piece of tailoring I have seen ruined by a “Mr Men” or other dreadful looking tie then I would not be writing this now. I would have retired years ago and be playing golf in Barbados 365 days of the year!

The only thing worse than the novelty tie wearer is the person who wears the novelty tie at a given time of year. You know who I mean, the guy in the office who actually looks half decent the whole year round, then two days before Christmas he turns up in a stupid themed number than when you squeeze it the reindeer’s nose lights up.

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Oh and the hits just keep on coming in the novelty clothing department. At least with jumpers you can pretty much assure yourself that you will only see them at Christmas and not the whole year round.

That makes them no less a fashion crime, however, especially when you see some of the ridiculous designs that shops still stock every single year.


Ah yes, the good old underwear. Often chosen covertly by those who otherwise slate novelty clothing because they think no-one will ever see it, when they could not really be more wrong. Perhaps the funniest examples are those that boast of the size of a guy’s manhood, or say stupid things on the front like “If you are reading this you are a lucky girl,” yet still people wear them.

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