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The summer of 2012 may well be a long distant memory as the dark, cold nights draw in, but most of us will already be thinking about sunnier climes come the May and with most budgets being tight at the end of January, the need to find a little haven to escape to in 2013 doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

A good way to get a head start over everyone else is to look at going abroad just after the new year chimes and many great bargains can be found on sites such as ‘www.travelzoo.com’ which offer some amazing deals which tend to be usually at least a third off or in most cases half price.

The reason for this of course is that any breaks they offer are totally out of season when all and sundry are usually happy to stay in good old blighty, despite the chilly weather and potential of snow fall. Perhaps this is down to us Brits being somewhat old fashioned with the ‘let’s all sit round the fire roasting chestnuts’ kind of attitude.

But then again, if you’re not one for sitting around and can’t wait to leave Jack Frost behind then here’s a few tips to try in 2013:

  • At this time of year, only a small minority of the UK tends to travel overseas therefore anywhere you go should also be less crowded, but that doesn’t include travelers from other countries of course.
  • A search on Google with the term ‘Cheap Holidays 2013’should throw up some fantastic bargains. As the saying goes: It pays to shop around.
  • Should you decide to go to a country that normally enjoys a good amount of sun all year round then it would also pay off when looking to lay the foundations for that summer tan. While all your friends are jetting off in June and July, they will be desperate to slap on the fake tan while your skin tone will be ‘au natural’.
  • For those of you who simply cannot afford to go for a Winter break because of a tight budget or you have kids who have bled you dry last Chrimbo, here’s a little tip:

Turn all the heating up in the house for 4 days and 4 nights so it’s sweltering hot. Put on your speedos or a bikini, a pair of flip flops and some shades then get a sandbox in the lounge and lay a towel on the sand. Proceed to lie down and relax with a good book.

To finish off, have one of those CD’s playing in the background which has sounds of the tide coming into the shore.

And you’re there!

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