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Urban fashion has always been about keeping up with the latest trends in fashion. The keyword here is ‘latest’ and that means you have to keep yourself in the know about the latest updates from the fashion world. When speed of information is a priority, no one is faster than the good old internet. The internet has all sorts of fashion resources to keep you in touch with the latest happenings in the urban wear.

Urban Wear

One such urban wear that we have recently encountered is urban wear that is inspired with clothing that is crafted out of kikoys. Is that word new to you? If you are hearing this category of clothing for the first time, then be assured that you are about to enter a world of elegant and colorful clothing. Kikoy is a type of the cloth that is handmade and finds it origins in the eastern part of Africa. In a fashion sense, as far as the African countries are concerned, kikoys have been around for ages.

As far as you and we are concerned, kikoy is a completely new immigrant to the world of fashion. There are quite a few characteristics about kikoy that make it very appealing. Every item of clothing is hand woven. This automatically implies that each piece of this African fashion item is unique. Even if a group of people are making the same pattern, there will be subtle changes. If you aren’t exactly a big fan of mas produced, identical and hence dull clothes that you can buy from most stores, you are going to love kikoys!

Where To Buy

Since kikoys are still new to the whole fashion scheme of things, it is highly doubtful that you will be able to find this in your local store. Many of the conventional fashion stores may not even know about kikoys. This is not unusual because of the handmade nature of the clothing, it is difficult to mass manufacture them. This automatically elates the clothes to a category of being special, rather than being ordinary.

When all else fails, you can count on the internet to come to your rescue. There are a lot of online specialty stores where you can shop for the full range of kikoy wraps, towels, table cloths and curtains. If you want to find these specialty stores, your best option to look for resources online that speak about kikoys. While kikoys cannot be considered mainstream, yet, they are fondly spoken about by those who have been exposed to it.

A simple online search about kikoy will take to you a lot of places like articles, blog discussions and forums where people discuss their experience with this. You can join in on the discussion and find out the myriad ways in which kikoy can become part of your summer wardrobe, especially beach wear. With the summer fast approaching, this would be the right time to adopt something new, allowing you to stand out of the crowd.

online shopping

Online Shopping

Since you will be doing most of your shopping online, there will always be some concerns about the kikoy being the right fit to your body. There a some who refuse to buy any item clothing unless they get a chance to try it out personally. This is a fair reason. Since there are no real brick and mortar stores selling kikoy, should you not go for it?

All we can say is, the future is going to be a world filled with online shopping. In all probability, you do most of your stuff online anyway. Paying bills, attending online tuitions, buying electronic items are all done online. Buying clothes online is a natural evolution of shopping behavior. To push on the point of insistence, we believe that you should step into the brave new world of clothes shopping online with kikoys. This is because kikoys are mostly used as wraps and size is rarely a concern.

Most websites allow you to see how the kikoy would look with high resolution pictures. A lot of them understand your concerns and have fairly reasonable return policies. All in all, buying kikoy is in itself an exciting prospect and mostly risk free. This makes even more sense when you consider that kikoys are adaptable. A kikoy could be originally purchased as a beach wrap and once you get bored of it, you can simply turn it into a table cloth. There are a lot of options to reuse kikoy items, extending its usefulness.

The author is a self-proclaimed fan of kikoy clothing. He was so impressed with kikoys that he has replaced his entire summer wardrobe with kikoy based items. If you think it is worth a try, click here to see the entire range of kikoy clothes.

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