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It’s never too early to start thinking about the festive season. We are a nation of Christmas addicts, and despite the credit crunch each adult in the UK spends on average between £15 and £20 on decorations annually. Most of us have a mix and match approach to Christmas decorations, with decorations stored in the loft for years and expensive baubles sitting on the tree alongside things the kids have made at school. Many of us covet a coordinated, glamorous, designer-loooking Christmas scheme and achieving this look is not as difficult as it may seem.

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To get that “everything matching” designer look, choose two key colours for your look. It doesn’t really matter what the two colours are, as long as you stick rigidly to your choice for Christmas tree decorations, tinsel, lights and baubles. Red and green are eternally popular festive choices, but in recent years shops have been stocking decorations in much more unusual shades such as silver, purple, jade green or even black. Once you’ve made your choice, sort out your existing stock of Christmas tree decorations and other sorts of items to see what fits the colour scheme. Put anything which does not fit back in the box for another year.


Fairy lights twinkling create a really Christmassy atmosphere in any home and they don’t have to be confined only to the tree. Put lights around your windows, on doorframes or twist them around the bannisters to maximise the impact. It is always best to stick to plain white lights as these are far classier than the lurid coloured lights, and replacing the bulbs is easy. If you are planning to use lights outside in the garden, make sure you have bought lights which are specifically designed for exterior use as the internal lights may be a fire hazard if used outside.


If you’re hosting Christmas dinner at your house this year, it’s a nice idea to stick to the same overall theme for your Christmas table as you have used in the rest of the house. Start looking now for tablecloths, napkins or vases in the same colours as you have chosen for your tree, or buy some fabric and make a cheap table runner which can be used over a plain white tablecloth. Get your children involved in making crackers using coordinating crepe paper and ribbons, and for a full-on effect consider making chair covers which tie in with your overall Christmassy theme. The look can be taken as far as your budget and time allows.

Next Year

Not many of us can afford to chuck away all of the Christmas decorations in January and start afresh the next time the festive season rolls around. If you sort your decorations into different colour themes, mixing and matching is simpler. If this year you decide to go for blue and silver, next year you could choose silver and purple, and the following year blue and purple. Stick to a few core colours and rotate what you use each year to keep things looking different.

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