Top 3 Design Schemes for Your Home Office

Image by: Maegan Tintari

Home offices are tricky things to design and plan a scheme for – they need to provide a calm environment that also facilitates productivity and creativity, and has a lot of easily organisable storage to boot.

You may be drawn to certain schemes as they fit in with the rest of your home’s decor, but you have to remember that your office needs to be a separate “work” environment, not an extension of your living room. You need to be able to enter your office and immediately be drawn in to that “work” frame of mind – and one of the simplest ways to do that is to contrast the decor with the rest of your home.

So what are the best design schemes to use in your home office, and what can your design scheme do for you?

1.       Clean and Simple

A clean and simple design can promote clear thinking – if you have trouble concentrating and become distracted easily, this scheme may be the best for you. Think neutral colours, white walls and basic accessories.

Wooden built-in storage can add an element of interest to your design, but contrast this with simple stainless steel accents, and limit any other colour to a minimum. Forgo more ornate lighting and soft furnishings, opting instead for spotlights, simple lamps and a black or brown leather chair.

2.       A Splash of Colour

If you want to inspire more creativity in your work, but still need a space where you can sit down and concentrate easily, taking a simple design in neutral colours and adding splashes of brights can work exceptionally well.

Think about spray painting a dull filing cabinet red, or opting for both white and coloured drawer and cabinet fronts. Accessorise with bright pen pots, staplers and other stationary, along with block-colour lamps and lightshades, and a bright office chair cushion. A bright, graphic print in the centre of a white wall also looks stunning.

3.       Vintage Pastels

This kind of scheme is brilliant for those with highly creative work – designers, or bloggers for example. Try inspiring creativity with mismatched white furniture (using a dresser or armoire for storage, a vanity table as a desk) and pastel walls, along with a vintage-print upholstered chair to complement your desk.

This look is all in the detail, so try swapping drawer and cupboard handles for mismatched vintage ones, and over-accessorising with soft furnishings in pastel flower patterns. A chandelier looks amazing as the main light fixture, as will a steel or bronze-coloured angle-poise lamp for your desk. Look for unique pieces to use as stationary – for example, using a cut-glass tumbler or jam jar as a pen pot.

What is your office interior design scheme like? What does it do for you and your work?

Estelle Page is an interior designer and part-time blogger who works from home, so knows how important the perfect office design is! Currently she writes for Interaction UK London.

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