Bedroom DIY – Three Modern Design Themes to Consider

There are a variety of great options for those looking for to kit their house out in a modern design.  These modern designs are popular and have become somewhat of a new trend in the last few years.  No longer are they seen as purely minimalistic in black and white shades but rather colourful and practical as well as stylish.  If you are considering doing some DIY in your home to spruce up your bedroom you may have looked at a number of different options already, and whilst it is important to keep your own personal style in mind the following enhancements may just work perfectly to give you the bedroom you have always dreamed of.

Clean Lines

Some of the most popular design options for bedrooms in a modern theme are those that are rooted in clean lines.  Clean lines refer to room designs that use lines as the base.  These rooms do not use curved furniture but rather straight edged pieces that give an overall appeal to the room as one that is clean and well-kept.  Usually, these bedrooms stick to neutral approaches.  Blacks, tans and whites are popular colours.  Added into this mix may be one or two bold, accent colours like orange or red, but on the whole there will be no patterns but rather an overall singular and clean approach that is great for the modern man or woman.

Bold Colours

Another great design option for a modern bedroom is bold and bright colours.  This approach incorporates not one but many patterns into the décor.  There is a fine line in this approach in that it can begin to appear too busy for some so you want to pick patterns that differ but have a common thread or theme throughout.  It may be the colours of the patterns or the stylistic choices.  This bedroom style is best for those with a wild side and more flamboyant colouring.


Another old but new again style is the Victorian look.  The Victorian look involves ornate features, with unique wood sculptures and dramatic styles.  There is a sense of opulence and ornateness that is far above and beyond the modern simplicity of other styles.  This look can be achieved through choosing heavy pieces with large ornamentations and tiny details.  A furniture store will be able to help you decipher just the pieces that fit into this category and let you know if the ones you have chosen are right for your overall aesthetic wants.

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There are a number of cool furniture items that you can add to your bedroom and with a plan in mind and some basic DIY skills anything is possible.

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