Autumn Cleaning Tips And Advice

We have all heard about the importance of spring cleaning, but with the nearing of the colder months, autumn cleaning is also important to get ready for winter. There are many aspects of autumn cleaning that will help you get your home winter-ready and in this interesting and informative article, we look at an autumn cleaning checklist and some tips to help.

Autumn Cleaning Checklist With Tips And Advice

Fire place and heaters

Obviously in the colder months you will be making use of a fire place if you have one, so in great autumns cleaning tips, you should get your fire place cleaned out and ready to use. A lot of the carbon that is emitted from wood may have gotten stuck in the chimney from the previous season as well as the occurrence that dust may have collected in the chimney. One is able to clean their own chimney, but it advised to get a specialist to do so. Another source of heat, your heater, should also be cleaned well, as dust may have collected and this may cause the grille to become a fire hazard, and dull metal behind the element will make the heater less efficient.

Clean out all of your gutters and drains

In effective autumn cleaning tips, one should clean out all gutters and drains as leaves left to clog the passages when wetter, colder weather comes, will cause your drains to overflow and be a nuisance.  Don’t wait until the first storm of autumn or winter comes. This is also a good time to clean and pack away outside furniture and clean the barbeque.

Cleaning out winter clothing and blankets

An important part of autumn cleaning is getting all of your winter clothing such as jerseys and blankets ready. This is particularly necessary if you have packed them away where dust may have collected or with mothballs. It’s best to either wash your clothes and blankets before using them in the colder months or substantially air them out.

Prepare your kitchen for the holidays

As winter approaches, some good advice in autumn cleaning is to get your kitchen holiday-ready. The holidays will come around at an alarming rate and apart from the fact that the cold months make one stay at home to cook more, you may be utilising the kitchen for holiday cooking. Give the kitchen and all appliances you may have not used, a good, thorough clean. An autumn cleaning tip sometimes for forgotten.


Jemma Scott is a freelance writer with an interest in an array of topics. Her inspiration for this article came from getting a carpet cleaner to help with autumn cleaning in her home.

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