Are Wooden Stairs Safe?

Wooden stairs are a beautiful addition to any home, they are stylish, modern and they’re also much easier to clean than carpeted stairs. Carpeted stairs tend to wear quickly and stains and marks are obvious; if these unsightly stains are permanent it can ruin the feel to your home’s stairway and result in spending money on a new carpet. A lot of people like the feel of carpet on their stairs and say that it somehow makes them feel safer than stepping on the solid wood steps; so, are wooden stairs safe?

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The question of safety is usually asked by families with young children, who tend to love playing on stairs. Their key concern is obviously if the wood becomes slippery then there’s more likely to be an accident. Families with young children usually have to weigh up the pros and cons of each type of staircase. After all it’s not worth having something that’s going to cause an accident just because it’s more stylish, but at the same time, wooden steps are easier to maintain than carpet so they have to assess each situation.

The answer is clear, wooden stairs are more dangerous than carpet; however, you can do various things to your wooden stairs to make them safer – if not just as safe as carpet stairs.

Clean your stairs with Vinegar – Most cleaning products can leave a slippery residue on a wooden surface. However, if you add vinegar to the water or your cleaning product this shouldn’t occur which will make the surface less of a danger for little ones.

Anti-Skid products – There are plenty of Anti-skid products on the market nowadays that will result in less slippery floors and stairs. Some of these leave a gritty coating on the wooden surface which can look unattractive and put off people using them. They have been developed a lot in recent years however, and it’s now possible to buy a product that does the job and leaves your stairs looking no different to when you started.

Stair Trends or Runners – These are basically a compromise between wooden and carpet stairs by combining the two together. A runner is a strip of carpet than runs all the way down the centre of the stairs, whereas trends are more like patches on top of each step. Both come in various different styles and colours so finding one to match your home shouldn’t be too difficult.

Refinish the wooden floor with matt finishes – a lot of the time a slippery wooden floor comes down to how it’s been finished. Most people go for the high-glossy finish but these tend to be slippery, if you opt for a matted finish they look similar and offer a much safer alternative.

This article was written by David Lewis from, experts in Wooden Stairs.

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