Are Aroma Candles Worthwhile in Bathroom?

If this thought has raised any doubt in your mind, banish it instantly. Bathrooms are no more spartan areas, primarily used only for elimination and washing requirements. The contemporary bathroom has evolved into a special room, used for grooming and relaxation purposes. It plays the role of a private place meant for unwinding, rejuvenating and often substitutes for a spa. Regardless of these, most bathrooms still suffer from a common problem; Odours. Using exquisite scents to enhance a bathroom’s interiors is an excellent idea. Instead of using chemically laced air-fresheners, an aroma candle is a perfect method, to provide a bathroom with a lovely atmosphere. Aroma candles have added benefits, for health and are a sure fire way of giving a bathroom ambience and unique character.

Aroma Oils are highly therapeutic in nature. Aromatherapy is an ancient alternative medicinal form of treating a person’s mental and physical disturbances with the use of essential oils, derived from active plant materials. Clinical investigation has proved the anti-depressant, rejuvenating and anti-microbial effects of numerous aroma oils. Aroma candles are regular candles, which include aroma oils. These candles burn just like ordinary candles but slowly release the incorporated aroma oil into the air. This has a substantial effect on the environment of a room and can make a tremendous difference to anybody in that room. Aroma candles are extremely popular all over the world, not only for health benefits, but also in creating decoration and ambience in a room.

These candles often come in various hues and shades, with beautiful shapes and designs. Adding these to a bathroom is an excellent idea. If possible one should plan a bathroom layout, keeping in mind the placement of these candles. No need to fret if the bathroom already exists, just clear out window sills, shelves and sink platforms to keep these candles.

Bathrooms can be made into an inviting place just by adding a candle or two to strategic locations and letting its aroma fill the place. Enhance a long soak in a bathtub by placing an aroma candle on the edge and feel its perfume dissipate fatigue and tiredness. This also creates a spa like ambience in the room. Give the bathroom a beautiful look by placing a candle in front of the mirror and letting its reflection throw soft shadows all across the room. It is a lovely way to unwind after a long, hard day. The aroma oil from the candle will dissipate slowly and fill the place with a beautiful atmosphere.

Lighting up an aroma candle, is also a perfect way to dispel odour from a bathroom quickly. Some of the best essences for a bathroom are Lemon, Mint, Rose, Jasmine, Clarysage and Lavender. Each has different properties and can promote a feeling of bliss and relaxation in a person.

One care to be taken while using aroma candles in a bathroom is storage. Many aroma candles go brown and lose texture and shape easily. If these candles are to be used regularly, one should create a distinct airtight storing space to keep them. This is to ensure that the constant heat and moisture of the bathroom, does not hasten their decay.

It is common knowledge that the olfactory perception plays a significant role and has an enormous effect on a person’s psyche. Whether it benefits one’s health is secondary, but even as room enhancing accessories, aroma candles are excellent and never fail to delight the senses. After Bedrooms, if any room requires aroma candles, it is undoubtedly the bathroom. Light up an aroma candle today and experience the difference.

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Tauseef Hussain is a media blogger and writes for QS Supplies, the on-line store for Bathrooms. You can follow him on twitter @usef4u

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