Which Fridge-Freezer Should You Buy?

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1. What is super cool function in a refrigerator?
2. What is fast freeze function in a refrigerator?
3. What is frost free function in a refrigerator?
4. What is holiday function in a refrigerator?
5. Is it necessary to buy refrigerator that is energy efficiency?

Choosing a new fridge-freezer should involve more than just a cursory once-over and a quick check of the measurements and the price. Not only is a fridge-freezer a financial investment, it is also one that should last you many years so you need to get it right. And with the vast choice on offer in the market today, there’s plenty to think about.

If the sheer choice on offer is making you dizzy, read our guide to the options available to figure out what’s right for you.

Fabulous Functions

Super-cool – this function is handy if you’re filling the fridge in one go, for example when you’ve just done a big food shop. As large quantities can take longer to cool, switching on the super-cool setting rapidly cools the refrigerator for a set period of a few hours.

Fast-freeze – Turning this function on allows you to quickly freeze fresh produce, meaning that fruit and vegetables retain more of their nutrients and the texture of bakery items isn’t affected too much.

Frost-free – A hassle-free solution which means that you’ll never have to defrost your freezer again. Frost-free fridge-freezers can be more expensive both initially and to run but when ice builds up it takes more energy and therefore more money to run the freezer anyway.

Holiday – Ideal if you’re away for a week or more, the holiday setting switches the refrigerator off and turns itself back on in time for your return.

Designs to Suit your Usage and Style

Can’t bear the thought of not being able to clean behind your fridge-freezer? Buy one with castors so that it can easily be moved. Find white fridge-freezers boring? Opt for a one in gleaming polished chrome, fiery red, or with a personalised pattern. Constantly filling your glass with ice? Choose a built-in ice dispenser.

There are dozens of designs to choose from – what you opt for will depend entirely on the way you use your fridge-freezer and your personal taste.

For further help and inspiration, read Fisher & Paykel tips on refrigerators.

Energy Efficiency

Alongside heating and cooling, fridge-freezers consume the most amount of energy in the home because they are never switched off and, in warmer weather, have to work incredibly hard to keep temperatures down. In our energy-conscious world, fridge-freezers are now helpfully all labelled with an energy rating as well as an estimate of the energy consumption in a typical household so that you can compare appliances for energy efficiency.

If the fridge-freezer has an Energy Star logo you can be assured that it has been awarded the distinction of being among the top 25% most energy efficient fridge-freezers on the market.

Clever energy saving technologies also monitor your usage and adopt the most efficient ways of running the fridge-freezer according to your lifestyle.

Do your research, compare different brands for energy efficiency, price, functionality and style, and you’ll walk away with a fridge-freezer you’re happy with for years to come.

With such a wide range of choice in today’s market when it comes to fridge-freezers it can be difficult to choose which to pick but our guide is here to help.

Image credit: Fisher & Paykel Appliances Limited

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