Clean-Off: Battle of Two Vacuum Types

We use them every few days or maybe we pay someone else to use them every few days and they have cut off hours of labour-intensive cleaning work over the years. We don’t usually think of the history of vacuum types as we’re completing the chore, but then again we don’t really think about the history of most of our home appliances. It’s important to consider a few things before you jump right in to buying a vacuum cleaner. Here are a several tips to make sure you make the informed decision.

There are two different types of vacuum cleaners, but many different variations of these types. The first one is the upright vacuum cleaner. The upright vacuum is a self-standing unit and usually has a long hose attached.

The other type of vacuum cleaner is the canister vacuum, which has a smaller, more compact body and can be dragged around the floor with more mobility.

Out of these two types of vacuum cleaners the upright vacuum is regarded as being much more useful for cleaning carpets over flooring. You’re also more likely to spend less on an upright vacuum than on a canister.

It’s commonly known that canister vacuums are able to clean naked floors much better than their upright counterparts. This type of vacuum also tends to have many different attachments; shorter hoses that make them able to get to those hard to reach areas. They also allow for more concentrated suction so stairs and curtains are able to be totally dust-busted.

Consumer reports will show that often the more high-end vacuum cleaners, no matter the type, do not necessarily have greater practical worth. Increased suction power and vacuum amps often make little difference when it comes to quality of clean.

Finding a good quality vacuum is obviously top priority, but it’s important to ask yourself for what purpose will you be using it. If it will be mostly for the occasional carpet clean, with not to many hard-to-reach, delicate surfaces, then the upright vacuum is the type for you. For a more frequent and varied use, such as cleaning your car, pet hairs or vacuuming staircases, the type of vacuum you should go for is definitely the canister

Buying a vacuum cleaner might not be the most exciting day out, but purchasing the right type can save you a lot of time and effort in the future

Dave Peterson likes to think of himself as very domesticated. One minute you’ll find him handling an allan key in his garage and the next he’ll be shopping around for vacuum cleaners. He realises the importance of helping out with housework as in this day and age women are usually carrying a lot more on their plates (and not in a greedy way) He’s well acquainted with steam cleaning machines and even knows which cleaning agents are the most environmentally friendly.

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