A Simple Guide To Purchasing The Best Energy Saving Product

Your business budget is important and so is your budget at home. Did you know that your appliances and things you use every single day can make a huge impact on the amount of electricity you’re using? The amount of energy you use every day from these products can be drastically lowered if you buy energy saving products with a specific purpose of saving energy. Not that long ago, it was hard to identify which products would consume the most power because not a lot of them had that kind of information on them and you didn’t know until your electric bill came.

Now though, thanks to the wonderful ‘Energy Star’ logo, we now know which products consume the most energy and raise our bill the most because they usually don’t have this logo on them. Especially when technology and devices age, they use more and more power so it’s important to make sure that we’re replacing them with more efficient devices. So just how much energy and money can you save by replacing all of your obsolete devices or power consuming household items with ‘Energy Star’ approved devices? You might actually be shocked to see how much you can save and how easy it is to find these energy saving devices.

What is Energy Star? Essentially, it’s an international standard that’s used for energy efficient and measures the efficiency of the electronic equipment. This was created by the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) around 1992 and since the initial release, several countries have now adopted this model as well. The benefits are so numerous and if everyone in the world used only Energy Star devices, the amount of pollution would go substantially down. On other continents, there’s the EU Energy Label and then there’s the UK Energy Saving label.

So How Exactly Do These Products Work?

How these devices work is actually very interesting and can be compared to how a laptop operates when it goes into sleep mode. When a device isn’t being used but is on, it can either go into a sleep mode or it can go into a standby mode which will drastically reduce the amount of power used.

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What Kind Of Office Equipment Can I Get For Saving Energy?

Did you know that there are actually computers that have the energy star on them that can save energy? In a typical office environment, some computers run 24/7, some are on for 16 hour days and some of them use an enormous amount of power when combined. If you have all energy star rated computers, you could save a huge amount on your next monthly bill.

Also, most computers today have energy saving features built into the control panel and if you need assistance as it’ll vary per operating system, ask anyone from the IT department to help you out.

There are various ways you can start saving money on your energy bills today and it starts right at home. Consider getting only star rated Televisions, DVD players, kitchen electronics and consider replacing your light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs as well. The more you do, the better and if you get even more people to take part in helping the environment, then we’ll be on a much better track than where we’re headed to right now.

Just look for the little sticker usually found on the bottom of the product or printed on the low side of a product that says ‘Energy Star’.

John Malone only has energy saving products in his home. He’s also an expert on finding the best energy supplier available to the average consumer. The right company can you save you a huge monthly bill!

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