A Buyer’s Guide To Designer Radiators

Radiators have come a long way from being standard, white, clunky and generally unattractive items that did little more than provide warmth to a home. Nowadays, radiators come in all different styles, shapes, sizes and colours, and can significantly enhance the aesthetical appeal of a property.

If you are on the market for a funky designer radiator to help give a room in your house that extra bit of style and finesse it thoroughly deserves, then take a look at the following buyer’s guide to designer radiators.

Energy saving radiators
From eco-friendly fridges to energy saving kettles, it seems that almost every feature of the interior makeup of our homes has been given an eco-facelift.

Made from 100% recyclable aluminium, energy saving radiators not only look stylish, but they also use a fifth of the water traditional radiators use but manage to provide 15% more heat output.

These recyclable radiators also come in a variety colours and sizes, meaning your choice of radiator can be in-keeping with the style and look of a room. Many energy saving radiators also have optional glass or a frosted-glass towel rail.


Circular style radiators
For a real contemporary and fashionable look, circular style radiators will bring a modern and lively twist to any room, and guarantee to spark conversation.

These ultra-funky radiators come in a range of sizes, styles, finishes and heat settings, meaning that not only can you choose a radiator to enhance a particular look the design of your room is creating, but you can also moderate a room’s heat to suit your individual requirements.

Architect designed radiators
Architect designed radiators exude contemporary sophistication, as well as ample heat. These stylish radiators come in vertical or horizontal options, thus giving you broader scope on where you can place your radiator.

Architect designed radiators come in a variety of colours, with optional matt chrome, chrome, frosted-glass, or transparent towel rails.

Cast iron radiators
If you live in a cottage, farmhouse, an older house, or are just trying to create a traditional and more rustic look within your home, then installing a cast iron radiator will go a long way in enhancing the rural and old-style look of a room.

These classically-styled radiators that are typically designed with integral legs to emphasis the product’s traditional character are available in a range of ‘bucolic’ colours, including black, cream, white, grey and brown.

These beautiful radiators not only create a timeless and elegant look but bring efficient and practical heating to a home.

Interior designer, Jennifer Burton wrote this article about designer radiators on behalf on www.agadon.co.uk.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jerhoyet/2052878357/

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