An Old Concept for a Modern World

When it comes to a home, is there anything more rustic and warm than one constructed from a timber framed design? Even the more modern styles still boast that log cabin vibe and offer a truly comfortable living experience.

To be classed as true timber frame houses, they must have massive exposed beams which include expertly hand-crafted joints that are completely devoid of any nails. The timber frame technique in home building has been used for literally thousands of years, being only replaced during the middle of the 19th century by a stick frame construction which became the popular choice.

The Solid Benefits of Timber Framed Homes

One of the best benefits of having timber framed houses is that they allow for a much more open home concept, due to the exterior frame providing all of the support for the home. This means that none of the walls within the house will be load bearing, allowing for a complete open space within. This type of home construction also allows for higher ceilings; even going as high as two stories if you like.

Additionally heating bills can be considerably lower in a timber framed home, with the figures usually being between 20 and 50 percent cheaper. This design in houses makes them extremely sturdy and allows them to last hundreds of years as they can handle more stresses and strains than many other types of property.


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Looking to Build?

If this type of home is one that you are interested in, always make sure that you speak with contractors that know about and have extensive experience in building this particular type of home. If possible try and visit them in person and take a look at some of their model homes and have a good look at what different types and styles they can build for you.

Get a quote of how much the whole job is going to cost you, then see if there are other companies that can the same job for a better price. Be careful though because the cheaper the quote does not always guarantee a quality job. It is much better to pay more for a house that is going to be constructed properly without and cost-cutting shortcuts being made.

Once you have managed to find a construction that matches your budget, you are then ready to go. Hopefully you would have already thought about letting your council know about your building plans and have already been given permission, which should have ideally been your very first consideration.

Timber frame houses are an old design that has lasted through until the modern era, there has to be a reason for this, more than likely down the style and strength they provide your home.

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