Achieving That Vintage Look By Making A Hobby Of Interior Design

Vintage style is incredibly popular at the moment. People seem really keen on all things vintage and the trend shows no sign of going anywhere for the time being. After all, why should it? Vintage styles appeals to people partly because it’s cool and partly because it represents something of a hobby.
When it comes to fashion, a lot of vintage fans absolutely love the process of seeking out new vintage bargains in specialist shops and charity stores. It gives them a great way of spending their time and getting more into fashion. However, vintage style is also really trendy in the home.
It’s arguably even more fun to get involved in searching for stunning vintage features to put in your home alongside some of the newer items that are simply designed with vintage influences in mind. Designers are wise to the rise of the vintage and they have collections that definitely reflect vintage attitudes.
People achieve a great vintage look in the home in various ways. They focus on finding vintage curtain fabric and upholstery, as well as vintage rugs and wall art. They also look for items of reclaimed furniture or get busy modifying vintage furniture so that it has a new purpose in a modern setting.

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They even get creative with DIY. This is a good way to make vintage style part of a thriftier attitude to interior design. If you have some spare vintage curtain fabric, why not use it to cover the cushioned seats of some old chairs you think you might be able to restore? Cleaning those old items up and giving them a new lease of life just by getting creative with good fabrics could have really exciting results and it gives you something rewarding to do with your time.
It’s important to strike the right balance with your vintage aspirations. Don’t DIY everything in your house if you aren’t skilled at it because you could just end up with interiors that look plain shabby rather than shabby-chic. It’s also dangerous to overwhelm rooms with contrasting vintage designs and patterns that don’t go together in any capacity!
The trick is to treat vintage home design as a hobby. Learn about it and practise techniques to see if you can’t make a difference to your surroundings. The more you get into it, the more fun you’ll have playing around with more ideas and the better the results will be!

This article was written by Penny Almeida, designer of curtain fabrics and DIY enthusiast.

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