Accessories Are the Perfect Ending to Your Asian Style

When talking in terms of fashion, important topics include dresses, pants, tops and jackets. However, these conversations are missing one of the main facets of fashion, which are accessories. This is especially true in the case of Asian fashion, where the accessories you wear can completely determine the outcome of the look you are trying to achieve. Whether it is handbags, earrings, necklaces, rings, makeup or any other types of accessories, what you wear other than your main outfit is extremely important.

One example of this is with one of the main looks that Asian style tries to achieve, which is the cute, sweet and innocent look. This look includes wearing small clothes and trying to look petite, but is finished off with accessories. These accessories can include many things, including, for the most part, wearing: small earrings, as large earrings can make you look too mature. Wearing or carrying around kitty cat chains or necklaces, as this makes you look especially teeny, glitzy and girly and possibly either carrying no or only a small handbag, as lugging round a huge bag or handbag can make you look like you are too worried, or are focused on too much, and that isn’t something a sweet little innocent girl would do, is it?

Another example of the need for the right accessories is with one of the staples of the Asian style, which is oh so classic school girl look. This look originates in Japan, and has been one of the starting points for all Asian fashion design for quite a long time. This look (obviously) usually includes wearing an outfit similar to that of a school girl, such as a skirt and collared buttoned shirt. However, such a look would surely not be complete without accessories. Some accessories that can be used for this look include kitty cat or other animal chains or necklaces, which make you look very girly, innocent and childish, large glasses (another trend in the Western world that originated in Asia) which make you look like you have been studying or reading a lot, and wearing a schoolbag instead of carrying a handbag.

Although these looks have a lot of accessories already, they need to be completed by the final accessory which truly finishes the look, which is makeup. For both of these looks the makeup style is nearly the same, as they are very similar fashion styles. Usually there is a considerable amount of eyeliner applied, and then the eyelashes are made to appear much longer than normal. Along with a few other adjustments, the accessories have completed the look!

Now that you understand the importance of accessories, I am confident you will be either adding some accessories to your look, or changing some of the accessories you already have. This is important, because accessories are the perfect ending to your Asian style.

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