A Summerhouse is the Perfect Finishing Touch

After thirty years of marriage and a fully paid off mortgage, we thought it was time for a change. We had travelled to many different countries and stayed in countless hotels, but it always felt good to be home. Our children had left home years ago and we sometimes felt like we needed something new, but we loved our home too much to consider selling, regardless of how we also felt too old to move! We were very comfortable in our home, our children had been born and raised here, one of them in the master bedroom in fact, but there was always a feeling that something was missing.

British Weather

The only part of our house, not completely used by the family, was the garden. It was beautiful and green, had two large lawns and well-kept edgings, but the minute it started to rain we all had to run for the house. Of course in days gone by I had put up the odd tent for the kids, and I did have my sheds at the bottom of the garden, but it still didn’t seem like enough. We needed another option. Something that would allow us to enjoy the garden, but still protect us from the British weather. We needed a summer house.


We searched all of our local stockists, but didn’t like any that we found. Some were cheap, and looked cheap too. Others were ridiculously expensive; we just couldn’t justify that kind of money. We ended up searching the internet, but always being careful, you do hear some horror stories. We found a company who could make our summer house, to our design and to a bespoke standard.  With free delivery and VAT included in the price, what more could we ask for?


Photo Credits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/brighton/1170988161/


The day arrived for our summer house to be built. The company arrived at the time agreed, and started immediately. There was no tutting or adding to the price, they just got on with it. As they already had all of the measurements, and the location in the garden for the summer house, it was merely a case of construction. It took only a few hours, and we had our very own, custom designed summer house. We also had added peace of mind, as the Tanalised timber came with a standard ten year guarantee! Within an hour of them leaving, the wife had arranged the new garden furniture and created us a snug little den halfway down the garden. A recently acquired hurricane lamp lit up the interior beautifully and when it started to rain we didn’t have to run for the house.

Create your own peaceful hideaway. Summerhouses can be made to your own design, to fit any patch or corner of your garden. In our case it opened up a whole new area for us to enjoy.

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