5 Steps to Improving Your Driveway

The appearance of your driveway can be dramatically altered by the type of finish you choose for it. Here we will go through five steps you can take to improve your driveway

1.) Paving

The most significant part of how your driveway will look is decided by the type of the paving you choose. Asides from cement, you can choose from a variety of different patterns and styles. Rectangular blocks are a great option as the way they are placed can dramatically alter the appearance of your driveway. Cobbled driveways are great for a more rustic look, and sand driveways look good amongst greenery and trees.

2.) Floral D├ęcor

A lovely finishing touch to a driveway is a small area of plants or flowers that will break up the monotony of brickwork or cement, and make the drive feel very welcoming. If your driveway is a square shape, a circular and rounded area of flowers will break up the harsh lines and soften the look of the front of the house. If your driveway is long and thin, then place your flower patch towards the front of the driveway to make it appear wider.

3.) Kerbs and Manhole Covers

Kerbs and manhole covers are very nice finishing touches to a driveway. Kerbs outline the shape of a driveway and add an extra design element, to define lines between driveway and floral areas. You can choose curved, brick, or use blocks from your paving to build the kerbs. They also make for good barriers to stop any flowers or weeds from overgrowing and spilling over into your driveway and create guidelines which indicate for you when your flowerbed or patch is starting to overgrow.

Manholes are very ugly and can ruin the look of a tidy driveway, so manhole covers are a well designed, good looking method of covering them and making them suit the rest of the driveway.

4.) Drainage Channels

Drainage channels inbuilt along the sides of your driveway and near your doorstep are a good way to control water flow from rain and stop your driveway from flooding. They are especially good if your driveway is at an incline, and tends to steer water toward your front door. The tools required to make these are available from all good tool hire companies.

5.) Steps

One way to brighten up a boring and outdated driveway is to add a doorstep which is a raised area of driveway, paved to match the rest, around your front door. This is also good if you live in an area where there is rain, and has the added bonus of making your front door look good!


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