5 Reasons to Have a HVAC Maintenance Agreement

An HVAC maintenance agreement is a common sense way to take care of your heating and cooling systems. Your mechanical systems are some of the nicest features of contemporary life, and they work silently in the background to make your home comfortable all year. While you may not usually pay may much attention to them except to turn them on and off, they do need to get regular service from a qualified professional technician. The easiest way to take care of them is with an HVAC maintenance agreement.

Five reasons that you need an HVAC maintenance agreement are these:
• reduced energy consumption
• extended period of effective equipment life 
• reduced probability of breakdowns
• top priority response to emergencies
• peace of mind for the safety of your home
Few events can get your family’s attention as quickly as an air conditioner that does not work or a room that is not warm in the winter. Your HVAC equipment is responsible for providing comfortable living spaces for your family and for producing quality air for them to breathe. Equipment that is neglected does not work as well as equipment that is regularly inspected by qualified technicians. 
As knowledge of environmental factors are discussed and explained on television and elsewhere, more and more homeowners are finding ways to change longstanding habits. An HVAC system may continue to heat and cool your home adequately, but there is no way to know how hard it works unless you get it inspected. Adjustments that are properly done can reduce your energy consumption by a significant amount. A savings of up to 30 percent on a utility bill can go a long way toward paying for a maintenance agreement.
A regularly scheduled tune up can keep your HVAC equipment in top shape, and it can detect any potential problem. As temperatures soar or fall, you do not want to have the unpleasant situation that results from equipment breakdowns. A tune up in the spring and in the fall can address different aspects of your equipment, but both include the lubrication of all moving parts. You never fail to change the oil in your car for fear of what can happen if you do not do it. Your HVAC equipment needs regular maintenance as well.
Unexpected breakdowns can occur as a result of equipment damage from lighting or high winds. Weather conditions frequently affect many homes at the same time. When everyone is looking for a service technician to fix something that was damaged in a storm, it is nice to know that a maintenance agreement puts you at the top of the list. 
It is hard to take care of chores around the house when you are working everyday, and it is even harder when you have no idea of what to do. The up keep on heating and a/c equipment requires the services of a knowledgeable HVAC technician. Routine maintenance is a daily task for skilled service providers, but it is probably a mystery for you. 

 A maintenance agreement takes care of your HVAC equipment efficiently and professionally. For a qualified professional, call One Hour Heating and AC in Mission Viejo for your hvac maintenance plan

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