5 Great Green Ideas for a Green Christmas

this post answers the following questions
1. What is the symbolic color for Christmas?
2. What Christmas marks for us?
3. How can we save our environment on Christmas?
4. Can you give some organic decorations we can add on our Christmastree?
5. How can we reduce energy consumption on Christmas?

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it is obvious that the festive season is kicking in. Followed by Thanksgiving, folks get into preps for welcoming the grandest festivals of all, “Christmas”. As we all are well aware that green is the symbolic color for Christmas, because Christmas tree is created from the evergreen cone-bearing or coniferous trees. Green without any doubts reflects the Mother Nature and more importantly, there is a dire need to plant more and more trees today to save our environment.

Christmas marks the presence of wonderful colorful, joy and get-togethers with friends and family. So why not do it the eco-friendly way this year? This way, you can save a lot of money and can even contribute to the environment.

You can start with green home décor. A natural and eco-friendly home décor is sure to bring in an organic holiday feel without affecting the joy of this festive season.


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Here are some eco-friendly ideas for Christmas:

1.    Get a live Christmas Tree:
Many Christmas trees, which are available for sale at home improvement or retail stores are usually nurtured in real farms. Thus, be assured that these are not uprooted from nature.

2.    Adorn your Abode with all-natural Home Décor
You can add pinecones, nuts and fruits to the fireplace mantle or holiday centerpiece to give out an organic feel to the decorations. Certain simple ornaments threaded with cinnamon sticks, pinecones, apples and dried citrus will look awesome on the Christmas tree.

3.    Nontraditional Leafage:
Try to decorate planters and urns with straws, fruits, berries and branches to add in some nontraditional charisma on your tree. In fact, big sized urns if placed at your front passageway or back porch are sure to create a grand and natural entrance.

4.    Give out Green Christmas cards:
Walk down the street and check for eco-friendly greeting cards. You are sure to come across a wide range of such cards in the market these days. Further, consider sending e-greeting cards instead of sending physical cards. E-cards are highly eco-friendly as well as inexpensive.

5.    Save Resources and Energy
Make use of green energy sources to reduce energy consumption this festive season when temperature dips down. Consider LED lighting to embellish as well as illuminate your house. Further, you can utilize newspapers for wrapping up those gifts.

Go green and rejoice this Christmas like never before and at the same time, save our environment too.

Manoj Goure has provided this article about home decor. He works at RugsandBlinds.com.

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