4 Ways to Enjoy Evenings With Family

In today’s working world, it’s hard to find families where one parent is able to stay at home. For most of us to get along we require two working parents in order to make a home. For most families today, this leaves only a few hours in the evenings to spend together as a family. If you’ve gotten tired of zoning out in front of the television and missing those hours to spend with your family, here are some great ideas we’ve put together for how you can get the most quality out of your evenings.

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Backyard Games

Whether you have a backyard or not, these outdoor games can be played in an outdoor space to bring your family closer together. Try creating a hopscotch board on your driveway or in the local park. Play tag with your kids or even hide-n-seek. Consider grabbing some gloves and working together to clean up your neighbourhood. Challenge each other in all that you do to breed a healthy commitment to one another while also encouraging friendly competition and a dedication to the community. And of course, if you do have a big backyard, take full advantage with a game everyone can play, like kickball.

Have a Game Night Inside

Whether it’s board games together or video games in teams on your families favourite console, you can turn a night in together into a night full of laughs that you remember for years to come. There are so many games that require quick wittedness and a light sense of humour, you may be surprised at how quickly your children come out of their shells to be a part of the games.

Have an Evening Picnic on the Lake

You can easily pick up a cooked barbeque chicken or salads from the grocery store for reasonable rates. Consider spending you evening lakeside with your entire family enjoying the sand and the sun. If you’re particularly sporty, encourage your children by investing in a boat and waterskiing equipment which is an excellent way to keep fit, bond and spend time. (Ensure that you have the proper equipment boater’s insurance and a valid licence if you choose this option.) You may also want to invest in a fishing licence for your children and yourself where applicable as fishing can be a seriously relaxing pastime.

Let Them Choose

You may be surprised if you let your child take the reins every now and again how much fun you may have together. They may suggest a rock concert  or a museum you would have never otherwise seen. Ask your children about the things that interest them and let them take the lead on occasion for some truly different experiences as a crew. Set some parameters (like cost or location), but don’t stifle their creativity too much. If you have multiple children, let everyone take a turn.

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