3 Fun Things to Make Out of a PVC Pipe

We all know we should be recycling, but taking your household waste to the local recycling centre or popping it in the correct wheelie bin outside aren’t the only ways you can help the environment.

At school I was taught the ‘Three Rs’ – Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. Actually, I think there should be a fourth, Repurposing.

With a little imagination, almost anything can be transformed into something new. Old clothes can become quilted bedding, wine bottles can become vintage-chic vases and, as you’re about to find out, PVC piping can become everything from bird feeders to didgeridoos!

Here are 3 cool projects for repurposing PVC piping…


1.       Wind Chimes

Image: Ryk Neethling

What you’ll need: saw, drill & string

This one works for small, thin PVC pipes. Using a saw, chop the pipe down into smaller lengths and then drill two holes at one end, one on either side, to thread string through.

Securely tie two longer bits of pipe together to make a cross and drill small holes along the four sections. Now use string to tie your individual pipe ‘chimes’ to the cross – make sure they’re close enough together that they’ll knock about in a gentle wind and create a lovely, magical noise!

You can paint the pipes and swap the string for strong ribbon for a more decorative look.


2.       Didgeridoo

Image: Aturkus

What you’ll need: saw, wire Brush, female-female coupler piece & bushing

As you can tell from looking at a traditional wooden didgeridoo, you’ll need a pretty big piece of PVC pipe for this little project!

For that true, deep didgeridoo sound, you’ll want a pipe around 50” long so chop yours to length if it’s too big. Remember to use a wire brush to smooth down the edges, especially if children will be playing with it as sawn plastic can be super sharp!

Fit the female coupler to one end and fit the bushing inside (you can pick these up at your local hardware store and they’ll need to be the same diameter as your PVC pipe).

Ta da, you now have your very own PCV didgeridoo! Why not get cultural and paint this traditional Australian instrument with a suitably Aborigine design.


3.       Bird Feeder

Image: Acroll

What you’ll need: saw, drill, String, wire brush, scissors, elastic band & small scrap of fabric

Using the saw, cut off a length of PVC pipe that is approximately 6 to 12 inches long. Drill holes all around it – make sure they’re large enough to let a bird’s beak in, but not so large that everything inside is going to fall out; ½cm diameter should be plenty. Use a wire brush to smooth off any rough edges.

Thread string through two holes near one end, one on either side, to form a handle that you can hang it up on the tree with.

Cut two circles of fabric around 6cm wider in diameter than the pipe itself, then pop one over the bottom and hold it in place securely with an elastic band.

Now fill your bird feeder with tasty little treats! Nuts and seeds are an absolute favourite, as well as raisins and oats. Pop the other piece of fabric over the top and fix into place with the elastic band and your bird feeder is complete!

Hint: if you live in area with high rainfall, replace the fabric with circles cut from an old children’s swim cap for a hard-wearing, waterproof seal.

I bet you never knew you could have so much fun with a piece of PVC pipe!

Can you think up any crafty ways to repurpose other household cast-offs like PVCU cladding when you replace your windows?

Elise Lévêque is a bubbly French-English translator and lucky bride-to-be who left her beloved Paris after falling for the quirkiness of Great Britain… and a Geordie lad! Always full of beans, she’s utterly addicted to shopping and is well known for throwing the most eccentric parties in town. She also writes blogs for Deeplas in her spare time.

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