Your Roof, Gutters and Gutter Guards: Preparing For Fall And Beyond

Fall may just be the most beautiful season of them all. The leaves change from green to brilliant hues of red, yellow and orange. It’s football season, sweatshirt weather, a time for tricks and treats and the giving of thanks.

It’s also a season in which your roof and its components are sure to be tested. Trees shed their leaves, the weather cools and with winter right around the corner, now is the time to do any roof or gutter maintenance before ice and snow make it dangerous.

Trim Your Trees

You can reduce the amount of tree debris your roof and gutters collect by trimming back branches to a point where foliage no longer hangs over your roof   Fall is an ideal time for tree trimming because the weather is nice (not too hot or cold) and storms are less common.

Clean Your Gutters

Fall can be a demanding season for your gutters.  Fallen leaves collect on your roof and inevitably end up blowing into your gutters where they present a substantial clogging risk. A clogged gutter can do damage to your home in any number of ways.

With no place to go, rainwater can collect underneath your shingles causing wood rot, mold and severe damage to your roof that results. With less capacity for holding water, clogged gutters can overflow allowing water to pool around your home’s foundation causing cracks and other expensive damage.

If you don’t have a gutter guard system, you’ll need to get up on a ladder and clean your gutters thoroughly and frequently throughout the fall season. Which leads us to our next point……

Install A Gutter Guard System

Save yourself from the tedious chore of gutter cleaning and solve many common gutter problems by installing a gutter guard system. Gutter guards fit over your gutters creating a shield that prevents debris like leaves and twigs from accumulating inside. Choose a gutter guard system that completely covers your gutters. Many inferior gutter guards system leave gaps and openings where debris can still sneak in.

A higher quality micromesh gutter guard system is your best option because they completely cover your gutter openings. Micromesh is a material that is fine enough to prevent even very small debris from collecting in your gutter while still allowing water to enter and be diverted away from your home.

Be sure to choose a gutter guard system that can be installed to match the pitch of your roof. Gutter guards installed on a flatter plane will act like a shelf, preventing leaves and twigs from entering your gutter but collecting debris themselves. A system installed with the pitch of your roof will shed debris much more effectively.

Replace Shingles

Fall is a good time to check your roof for damaged or missing shingles and replace them before winter sets in. They’re your roof’s primary defense against bad weather and debris and prevent moisture from seeping through into your home.

Peter Bruzzini is a roof, gutter and gutter guard expert who loves to share his knowledge with homeowners.

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