Where’s the Can Opener!

Where’s the Can Opener!

We all know that feeling: utensils magically disappearing or transporting from drawer to shelf or to behind the fridge.  Not exactly the most useful feature for a kitchen, but it seems to be one that most kitchens adopt.  Well, why not get creative with your kitchen storage solutions.  There are now hundreds and hundreds of choices when it comes to storage, from units that pull out completely, to hidden cupboards and thin units that swivel out when needed.  Well, to help with finding that lost peeler, these storage solutions can enhance your kitchen, whatever the design.

Head Room

No matter how large or small the floor space of your kitchen, you should ask yourself whether you are fully utilising this area.  Is there a space without a cabinet, or perhaps you have your microwave taking up useful worktop space.  Yet the thing that most people forget about is height.  Yes, that’s right, above your head.  So often, storage solutions in the kitchen fail to utilise all the space above the unit.  Generally, you will have your base unit and then a head height wall unit…and that’s it.  If you’re low on space, one of the most effective ways to increase your space is to add more units or shelves above this, giving you the space to move your necessary, rarely used clutter off of your work surfaces.

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Those Little Nooks and Crannies

We all know about those tiny spaces left behind between appliances or behind doors, etc.  Well, by leaving them plain, you’re failing to use a lot of space in your kitchen.  Instead, why not be creative and fit a little drawer or tiny cabinet.  Or even just place a hook or two and hang your frying pan.  There is always room in every space, and using it is essential in a small room.  Indeed, small kitchen storage solutions include so many possibilities that you really need to use one or two of them.  Utilise the corners fully by fitting a pull out unit with sliding, folding drawers – you can fit a lot of extra tools and utensils in those spaces that were previously empty.  And what about your cooker?  Often, there lies a gap underneath your oven, a gap hardly ever used.  Well, why not fit in a thin drawer: you can store trays and cooking utensils, and even small pans, leaving space elsewhere for those bulkier items.  The most important thing about your kitchen is the space you have, so get creative in utilising it.

So whether you have a huge kitchen perfect for eating breakfast in, or a tiny alcove kitchen, make sure that your kitchen storage solutions offer you the best opportunity to utilise all the space you’ve been given.

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