Where Has Texlon Been Used to Greatest Effect?

Texlon has been one of the biggest innovations in architecture in recent years. It’s most common use is in creating transparent elements of buildings – most commonly the roof – as an alternative to traditionally used materials such as glass.

There are several reasons why texlon has proven so popular:

·Inflated “air” cushions creates natural insulating effect

·Can be adjusted to let in pre-determined levels of natural light

·Weighs much less than glass but can hold greater weight under tension

·100% recyclable – ideal in the modern world where environment is always a key consideration

Texlon allows the creation of environmentally sustainable and aesthetically breath-taking constructions, as well as facilitating technological advancements in other areas.

We looked at some of the recent landmarks of texlon within construction projects around the world.

Forsyth Barr Stadium

This stadium, situated in Dunedin, New Zealand, was purpose built for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, which was hosted in the country. Not only is Forsyth Barr the largest texlon building in the entire southern hemisphere, it is also the world’s only permanently covered sports stadium that has natural turf on the field.

The texlon roof of the stadium allows the necessary levels of sunlight to the grass to enable sustainable and natural growth of the turf, while spectators in the stadium can enjoy unprecedented comfort and protection from the external weather elements.

Sandton City

This huge shopping centre and office complex in Johannesburg, South Africa, has won numerous awards for both design and its environmental credentials. One section of the roof is made up of 184 texlon cushions, with a combination of fully transparent and white coloured texlon being used.

These cushions are contoured carefully with the steel framework of the building to create a stunning dome which is has become a strong focal point of the Johannesburg skyline since completion in 2011.

US Federal Building

The texlon roofing system used for the US Federal Building in Washington DC is similar to the one now popular for use in schools, hospitals, and other public buildings. The texlon cushions are extended across roofing beams to create a comfortable, natural feeling atmosphere inside the building.


Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aigle_dore/4019281058/

This system has become popular as it allows recreational areas and walkways to be covered, so workers moving from one office to another are not unnecessarily exposed to the weather. When covering whole buildings, many businesses and educational establishments have found productivity levels to rise due to the feel good factor one gets from natural light as opposed to artificial lighting.

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