What the Butler Saw: Discerning Household Tips

In my 24-year tenure as a butler, I have visited some of the most architecturally impressive residences world-wide. Because of my exposure, many decorators, interior designers, architects and luxury builders have solicited my advice.

To give you an idea of my exposure, I have worked in the home of the former New York residence of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, J.D. Rockefeller’s Park Avenue apartment and one of United Kingdom’s prized castles. Numerous industrialists and television personalities have also entrusted me with the privilege of entering their private homes, ski chalets and secluded islands. These homes have ranged in size from 2500 square feet to 80,000 square feet.

A certain level of trust has been established between me and the elite in society. This trust allows me to venture into every area of the home to make the home comfortable for them without breaching their privacy.

So, why am I writing this homes column from a butler’s perspective? It’s simple. I am writing this column because my experience can help others learn how to design exclusive homes and Chelsea New York apartments. I understand both how to use physical space and optimal furniture layouts. I know which furniture layouts will work for cocktail parties and intimate dinners and which layouts will work for large fundraisers.

Importance of Design Elements

In short, it is all about form versus function. These guidelines will help you learn what you need to know before moving into a luxury condominium. This will help you make your transition into a home where you will live in close proximity to your neighbors.


Scale is the most important design element that I have learned after working with each of my employers. Whether you are designing a single room or an entire household, scale is important. Designers who understand this simple concept have mastered one of the essential components of design. Scale helps the space feel comfortable and look normal. When scale is successfully achieved, the furniture style, colours and textures fall into place.

Who Are You Entertaining?

The second thing you must consider after scale is who you are entertaining. Are you entertaining formally or casually? Are you inviting mostly family and friends, or are you inviting business colleagues? Knowing who you are entertaining will determine the style and the amenities needed to entertain. For instance, you may need a butler’s pantry if you are entertaining numerous guests formally in your home. Dishes and storage are also other considerations.

Other Considerations

Moving into a residence would be easier if you could live in a home prior to purchasing it to let the buyer know exactly what the home needs. Most people do not have this luxury, and thus, an architect, designer and decorator should be consulted to offer guidance.

In general, a minimum of three decorators and designers should be interviewed. These people should understand scale, style, colour, budget and lightning. Hire the decorator based on his or her past portfolio.

Since your home is a personal reflection of your personality, it is important to create an authentic space where people enjoy one another and resolve personal conflict. I am available to share my design expertise.

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Derek often likes to blog about real estate and home improvement. When he is not blogging, he enjoys working as a real estate agent. The following article is for chealsea new york aparments.

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