What Is A Walk In Bath And Who Are They For?

A walk in bath is a bath that is primarily designed for the elderly or people who struggle with mobility problems. They are designed to help people enjoy the comfort of having a bath in their home, which they would struggle with if using an average bath suite. Walk in baths have many features that are different to a main stream bath. An example of these are inward opening doors and higher seating which help the user to feel more secure and comfortable when using the product.

Walk in Baths

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Medical Problems

Many people believe that walk in baths are only designed for the elderly and because of this there is some stigma that comes along with choosing this type of bath. A walk in bath can be used by anyone but are hugely beneficial to people with mobility problems, regardless of the age of a person. Many people who suffer with mobility problems can be restricted and feel a loss of independent. By having a walk in bath fitted in their home they will be able to gain back independence and enjoy the relaxation of having a bath for their personal use once again.


For many of us having a bath is not only a chance of wash but an enjoyable experience where many of us will choose to unwind at the end of a busy, stressful day. There are many therapeutic benefits to having a bath and for many people with mobility problems their lives do become more challenging and this can lead to heightened stress and anxiety levels. Being able to use their bath to help relax and unwind is fantastic and can be a real benefit to them and help maintain the quality of their lives. Not only is water fanatic for relaxation but a walk in bath is fitted with water jets that create a water massage for its user. This type of therapy is called ‘hydrotherapy’ it has been used for centuries, where people will use water to treat medical conditions. The heat and the water massage of a walk in bath will help the user to unwind and help reduce muscular aches and pains.

How they fit in your bathroom and Where to get one from

I walk in bath should be suitable for your homes if you already have a bath suite at the moment plumbed in. I would recommend searching the internet for walk in bath specialists; they will be able to give you information on fitting and installation.

Guest Post by Daisy Burgess – Home improvement enthusiast currently promoting walk in baths to improve the home


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