What Door Furniture Says About the Homeowner

How you can tell a lot about the homeowner by the door furniture they choose for their door and porch area.
Door furniture is something that adorns every house and flat in the country. From decorative door knockers to elaborate numbers to help postmen and visitors alike, door furniture is part of every day life.

Whilst everybody is familiar with the basics, how many people know that the decorative bit around the keyhole has a name? The escutcheon has a rather grand title for something so common yet it is seldom used in the language.

Defining features
Some addresses are defined by the furniture adorning the front door such as the lion’s head holding the knocker (and of course the numbers) that is synonymous with number 10 Downing Street, the residential dwelling of the current prime minister of Great Britain.

Decorative touches
Some occupants take things a step further by including novelty decorations such as butterflies and the like which some would argue are not always in the best taste. The novelty bell, whilst mildly entertaining to an occasional visitor, must surely start to grate after the first visit or two.

Door Furniture

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Aside from door knockers, bells, numbers and decorations, another obvious addition to door furniture is the letterbox which with a sprung hinge has caught out many a paperboy.

Through the door
Inside the house, homeowners employ a whole new set of furnishings to decorate, hide or dress up the door.
Blinds and curtains are a common addition, which not only make the dwelling more private in an evening but often assist in keeping out the draft. Long slim cuddly toys are used as draft excluders, lying across the bottom of doors to seal the gaps and so keep the property warm.

The porch and beyond
Porches offering a visitor a chance to keep dry when waiting for the occupant to answer their call are also a chance for a home owner to show off their personality and taste in decoration.

Hanging baskets, climbing plants and wind chimes are at the more tasteful end of the spectrum with garden gnomes and novelty welcome mats at the other very distinctive end.

The porch is the gateway between the garden and the home and is often reflective of both. A well maintained lawn with decorative border are often a prelude to a neatly painted front door with shiny door furniture and ultimately a tidy and welcoming home environment.

On the hand, a rusty gate and weed lined approach to a flaky door are often indicative of an untidy house.
First impressions

So the approach to a house, be that via a garden path or directly off the street where the door and its furniture are the first visible sign of things to come, give an impression about the owners of the property.

This guest blog was written Steve Walton, an expert on door furniture.

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