What Are Carpet Fibers And What Kind Is Best For My Home?


The most luxurious and expensive fiber for carpeting, wool only represents around one percent of sales. Although it costs considerably more, it does have its advantages. Made from the hair of sheep or goats, wool is naturally resilient and durable. If properly cared for, they can last upwards of sixty years. The fiber is easy to dye, which means it is available in more rich colors. However, it requires high maintenance and regular professional cleanings due to lack of stain resistance. Wool is more ideal for rugs than wall-to-wall carpeting, and should never be used in high traffic areas.

Which One Is Right?

Choosing the right carpet fiber for your home entails looking at a number of factors. You must consider the amount of traffic that the area receives. If it is for a bedroom, chances are there will be minimal wear compared to a hallway. Prices vary widely, so establish a budget that will allow the best value you can comfortably afford. Take into consideration the amount of moisture in the room too. For example, some fibers can tolerate being placed in the bathroom, while others will not. If you have children or pets, remember them when picking a carpet. Kids playing on the floor leads to more spills, so you need to be prepared with a stain resistant carpet. Doing adequate research will help ensure you find the best carpet!


Peter Wendt is a researcher and blogger from Austin, Texas. Interested in home improvement, he began research on different carpet styles to put into new homes. From his observations, he suggests visitingt this carpet website for more information on carpet fibers. 

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