What Are Carpet Fibers And What Kind Is Best For My Home?

Olefin (Polypropylene)

This is the runner-up for the most widely used carpet fiber. Less expensive than nylon, it does show traffic more prominently. Although it is not as resistant, it does have its strong points. Unlike other fibers, olefin will not absorb water, which means it will not become moldy from moisture. Plus, the fiber is solution-dyed so the color will not fade, even when exposed to the sunlight or harsh bleaches. Therefore, strong cleaners can be used on it without fear of damaging the carpet. Olefin is best for low-traffic, damp areas such as basements, outdoor patios, or pool changing rooms.


Once considered poor quality, polyester has been improved significantly to become another popular fiber. Polyester offers homeowners exceptional softness and color clarity, along with natural stain and fade resistance. It is very economical and good for allergy sufferers because it sheds moisture to resist mildew. It is not as durable as nylon and is susceptible to matting, but can provide excellent performance in certain applications. Polyester is a good choice for low to medium traffic areas, including bedrooms.

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