What Are Carpet Fibers And What Kind Is Best For My Home?

Choosing the Right Carpet Fiber

Finding the right carpeting for your home really matters. After all, carpeting is now considered to be the third largest investment in the average household, topped only by the property itself and car parked in the driveway. Choosing the right carpet for a home starts with picking a suitable carpet fiber, which determines the qualities and cost of the carpet. Here is a guide for homeowners about the four major kinds of carpet fibers available, and how to go about selecting the correct one for their home.


Accounting for around 65 percent of all carpet sales in the United States, nylon is the most popular carpet fiber on the market. Out of all the carpet fibers, nylon is the most versatile and provides excellent flexibility to create a multitude of styles. It is renowned for being durable, resisting signs of wear or tear to look new longer. The carpet will be less likely to show indentations from furniture as well. Nylon is not naturally stain resistant, but the majority undergoes a stain-resist treatment that adds protection against unexpected spills, which makes it easy to clean. Nylon is ideal for high-traffic areas, but can be good for almost any room due to its versatility.

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