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So many elements come into consideration when decorating a room. The eye is drawn to texture, color, and interesting design. Although most homeowners give plenty of thought to new furniture and painting or wallpapering the walls and ceilings, many overlook the importance of a rug.

This omission defies logic, considering the fact that we must look down to remove our shoes! Don’t neglect your floor the next time you re-do a room in your home. Carpets, wood flooring and other floor coverings offer great opportunities to liven up the look of your home and define its style.

The Importance of Carpets

Whether your home has wood flooring or wall-to-wall carpets, a beautiful floor tapestry can really tie a room together. A large decorative carpet can act as the focal point or be used to accent existing decor. Place a large floor covering in the middle of the room to introduce new colors and other design elements.

A bold geometric design creates a modern feel. An Oriental rug lends an exotic flair to your room and introduces rich, deep color. Floral patterns generally make for a traditional atmosphere, while a thick, nubby texture adds coziness and warmth.

Oriental rug

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Design by Numbers

Scatter multiple carpets in varying sizes around the room to create harmony among the furniture and accent pieces. Choose throw pillows, picture frames, lamp shades, vases and other decorative items in a similar scheme. Keep carpet designs and colors in one cohesive theme to avoid an “accidental” or sloppy look.

Carpets can even visually balance out a room. Add excitement to a neutral room with large carpets emblazoned with bold patterns and colors. Tone down a busy room with carpets in subdued tones and subtle patterns or solid colors.

Buying Considerations

When buying a decorative carpet, design considerations are essential. Although a splashy design is tempting, be sure it’s one you can live with for years to come. If you’re going for a bolder look to punch up a room, it should be one that suits your overall decorating style.

Other, more practical factors also come into play when making this important purchase. If you’ll be in your current home for the foreseeable future, you probably don’t need to worry about size. However, if you tend to move a lot or plan to downsize later, don’t go overboard and purchase something that may be too large for future homes.

Finally, durability is key. Don’t be lured into paying bargain prices for something that won’t last for years to come. A low-priced carpet is only a deal if it looks good and is functional after repeated cleanings and plenty of foot traffic.

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