Vinyl Replacement Windows vs Fiberglass Replacement Windows

Modern replacement windows can add value to your home and reduce your energy costs significantly. The two main types of windows available today are vinyl and fiberglass framed. When choosing between fiberglass and vinyl windows, it is important to look at the differences between the two options before deciding which is right for your home.

The Differences

Homeowners will want to look at several different aspects of fiberglass and vinyl replacement windows to determine which type is most beneficial. The cost is often an important consideration. Vinyl windows are beset cost effective, have the added benefit of being very energy efficient, and low maintenance. Vinyl framed windows can save anywhere from seven to an astounding forty percent when switching from a traditional aluminum framed window. When compared to fiberglass, the energy savings are about the same if you opt for insulation filled window frames.

Vinyl does have the added benefit of requiring no maintenance. Scratches, dents, and sunlight can all fade a standard fiberglass window but will not affect the color or function of a vinyl frame. Vinyl is treated with UV resistant material and is the same color all the way through so the usual wear and tear will not be evident. The downside is that once you choose a color, vinyl can’t be changed. Fiberglass, however, can be repainted when you decide it is time for a change but will also require more maintenance than vinyl over the life of your home. For some homeowners, vinyl is the cheapest long term investment because the durability of the material ensures the replacement windows will last for an extended time.

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Installation and Regional Differences

The region that you live in can impact your decision on which type of windows to use. Very hot or very cold climates do require the use of an insulated window frame to reduce heating and cooling costs. Fiberglass and vinyl both hold up well in extreme temperatures. Fiberglass was once thought to be stronger than vinyl, but it isn’t the frame that is most important for strength. The glass is what makes a window strong enough to withstand storms and the occasional bumps that come from outside forces. Double panel and glazed windows are ideal for extreme climates when saving energy is important.

Both vinyl and fiberglass windows are available with double panes. Fiberglass window frames are now becoming difficult to purchase because they had been discontinued by many large companies and were replaced by the less expensive vinyl styles. One benefit of fiberglass is that it can be painted repeatedly as you change the look of your home. If you do cost vinyl, opting for a neutral color allows you to paint your home without worrying that your windows won’t match your color scheme.

Getting Started


An insulated window can make a huge difference in your heating and cooling costs. A professional can help you determine whether you need double paned windows, vinyl windows, glazed windows, or simply single pane, classic style windows for your home. With the right option, your home will be comfortable throughout the year.

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