Using Shutters in Home Renovation

Whether renovating an older home or changing the look to add more curb appeal, window shutters are an easy way to change the look of the exterior of a home. Not only does adding or replacing existing shutters completely change up the way a home looks, it is also easy enough for most homeowners to take on the project themselves. Since labor is not a cost, a homeowner will only need to purchase the materials which are inexpensive, making this a budget-friendly renovation project that can freshen up a home’s exterior. Shutters are also available for interior use as well, making the inside of windows look more decorative while blocking light and replacing blinds or shades.

When shopping for shutters, there are a wide variety to choose from. All of these choices give homeowners plenty of options for making over the house, but it can also be overwhelming for those who do not know much about the materials and types of shutters that are available. By having a little bit of knowledge, it will be much easier for anyone to pick the right shutters for their home.

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The first thing that a person may notice when shopping for shutters is the wide variety of materials that they are made from. Shutters made out of wood are a popular choice. These are available for both interior and exterior use. Wood shutters may be finished already, stained in many different colors including oak or cherry or painted a color like white, black, or brown. They may also be unfinished, allowing a homeowner to stain or paint them to fit their own preferences. One great thing about wooden shutters is that they are easy to repaint or restain again over time, making them look new again or changing the color altogether.

Vinyl shutters are another option available to those who are making renovations to their homes. These are generally the least expensive, perfect for those who are remodeling on a budget. These shutters come in a wide variety of colors, including burgundy, shades of green or blue, black, white, or different earth tones. Many vinyl shutters are paintable, allowing them to be painted to change up their looks if needed.

There are also shutters available that are made of aluminum or steel. These are the least common in most areas but are the most sturdy and are the most functional. These types of shutters are typically installed on homes that are in areas where hurricanes may occur. These shutters are not just for looks. They are used to protect a home during a hurricane.

In addition to the many different colors and materials, there are also different styles of shutters. Raised panel and board and batten are two popular styles that are available in both wood and vinyl materials. More intricate styles and larger sizes may be more expensive. Those who are following a budget will need to measure for shutters and shop around to find the best option to use to change the look of their home.

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