Upgrades To Pull Your Deck’s Look And Function Together

A deck, whether it is elevated or sits at a surface level, is a powerful graphic element that adds style and function not only to the landscape but the entire house. However, with frequent exposure to the elements outdoors, it is easy for a deck to lose both its function and appeal, causing it to become a wasted space.

If you have the same problem with your deck, do not just let it rot away. A few upgrades here and there could go a long way to bring the function and style back to the space. The more enticing your outdoor area is, the more you will be encouraged to keep it and use it for entertaining. Below are some suggestions how you can accomplish that.

Clean, repair and stain

Before adding anything to your deck, you need to make a solid foundation first. Even if you have a well-planned cosmetic upgrades in mind, they cannot hide a deck that is in disrepair and has dirty boards. So take a weekend or two to clean your deck and repair damaged boards. While at it, do not forget to restain the flooring to ensure that it will be able to withstand the elements outdoors.

Outfit the space with furnishings that do double-duty

To make the most of your deck, forgo the old, utilitarian outdoor furnishings and replace them with pieces that do double-duty. Built-in benches, for instance, can be made not only to provide seats but to offer ample storage space underneath where you can stash away outdoor d├ęcor and games when not in use. A mobile center table (one that move on wheels), on the other hand, not only makes for an excellent surface for holding coffee cups and centerpieces, but can also be used as a rolling cart to easily serve food and beverages to guests.

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Easy to move cover overhead

If your deck has no roof, you can create a makeshift coverage by adding posts around the perimeter of the area and use them to hold a large outdoor fabric. With this inexpensive option, you can entertain guests even if the weather is not perfect. If you want a sturdier covering that can stand up to heavy downpours but can be easily retracted, install an awning or purchase a custom roof frame fitted with opaque or transparent polycarbonate panels.

Enliven the space with natural colors

One good option to deck up your deck for cheap is to use container flowers and foliage as your main decorations. You can hang the pots on your deck’s railing or strategically place them on bricks or other type of support so that they will not come in contact with the floor. Not only will they help enliven the space with pops of natural colors, they will also keep the air smelling fresh and clean.

Rev up the railings

Your deck’s railings are there to enhance the safety and privacy of the space. However, do not make them an afterthought when it comes to decorating. Railings can do more than just provide safety and privacy; they can also become style statements. Ball tops are just some of the products you can use to enhance the appearance of railings for less. And if you are fed up with the look of wood spindles or, maybe, some of them have already rotted, consider replacing them with wrought-iron options or rot-resistant composite planks to improve the staying power of your entire deck.

Wire for lights and sounds

Lights are a must-have in decks to provide proper illumination to the space and make it safer for the occupants to walk around the area. So wire up your deck to accommodate light fixtures. If you intend to use your deck to host intimate gatherings or small parties, add a weatherproof outdoor sound system. In order for it not to get in the way of traffic flow, hang it up and out of the way. This addition is the perfect finishing touch for a party-ready deck.

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