Types of Roofing Available for Homes

Roofs are a very important part of a home because, like one’s skin, they are the first area of protection and defense against the elements. One type of roof is the Mansard Roof. This kind of roof has four slopes. The lower slope is steep and vertical. The upper slope is less steep and less vertical. This is a French style of roofing and allows for more living space at the top of a home.

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Then, there is the Gambrel roof. This kind of roof has vertical gable ends and it hangs over the front of the home. This kind of roof was inspired by the Dutch.

The Saltbox is another example of a roof. It is asymmetrical in size and that means it has one short side and one very long side. This kind of home often has one story on one side and two stories on the other side. Next is the Pyramid Roof. This type of roof is shaped like a pyramid. This kind of roof often is used on a small home or garage. The hip roof is similar to the pyramid roof except the four sides come together at a ridge or flat spot.

Still another kind of roof is the Bonnet Roof. This is similar to the pyramid roof; however, the two sides come out at an angle. This is often effective for those who want their porch area covered and protected from the sun. The Flat Roof is another example of a roof. There are several benefits of a flat roof; mainly that it is easy to put together and safe when you need to make repairs on it. However, some have found that more maintenance is needed for this kind of roof because when limbs or other objects land on it, they stay there until they are removed.

The Cross Gabled Roof is another kind of roof. This kind of roof is often used with homes that have additional wings. This gives each wing a triangular look, which is unique and interesting. The Skillion Roof has a single sloping roof surface. Some think that it looks like a flat roof that has an incline. It gives a unique look to a home.

Other types of roofs and additions to roofing that are unique and practical at the same time are: pergola, skylight roofing, awning and polycarbonate. There are many roofing variables available and with so many choice to choose from, one that can fit your needs.

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