Turn Your Bathroom into a High-Tech Paradise

Advances in technology have recently transformed the face of the modern bathroom: gone are the days of filling a free-standing tub with pales of water and in are remote digital controls, high-tech steam showers and motion sensor equipped illuminated mirrors.

Let’s take a look at three tech-packed bathroom gadgets which you can get installed right now…

Remote Digital Showers

It used to be the case that turning a couple of dials was the only control available when it came to showering: these days, it is possible to control temperature and flow settings to an unprecedented level, all via a remote control unit!

This type of system normally requires a control box to be hooked up to the shower, however, these can normally be fitted under the bathtub, in a cupboard or in the loft, where they will be out of sight and not get in the way of your tiling or décor.

Steam Shower

If you love relaxing in a steam room down at your gym or leisure centre, a steam shower is a fab way of enjoying this experience at home;

This type of unit works by using a steam generator which envelopes your body in a fine water-vapour mist: by combining standard shower features with the facility to create a self-enclosed steam-room type environment, you will not need to devote an entire room to get the best of both worlds: in fact, these units typically do not take up much more room than a standard walk-in shower unit.

Some of the more advanced models on the market include radios, televisions, MP3 players, foot massagers, or even telephones, so that you will always be connected and entertained.


Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cookipedia/7830164510/

Illuminated Mirrors

Forget straining to see what you are doing when a delicate task requires dexterity with your razor or a pair of tweezers: if you have a particularly clean, minimalistic bathroom, it is possible to illuminate the mirror area without adding any clutter if you opt for a backlit mirror fixture;

When choosing one of these gizmos, it is important to select a model which has been designed specifically for use in the bathroom: typically, this will mean that it will have an IP44 splash-proof rating and anti-mist technology.

For the ultimate in convenience, a number of these products on the market today now feature motion sensor technology, so that no controls are required to activate the illumination.

Elijah Thomas runs a hi-tech bathroom accessories company which specialises in digital showers.

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