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Whether you are in the middle of renovating your kitchen or are building a new one from scratch, the process of choosing designs, themes and other things can be challenging. You want products that are safe, attractive and purposeful all at the same time. You want your kitchen to look appealing without overwhelming guests. How does one go about striking this balance? Here are a few trend tips for you to choose from to appease both you and your family members:

  1. Go earth-friendly. If you consider yourself a true blue advocate of the environment, it is possible to make an impact even when it comes to your choices in the kitchen. One way you can go about sustaining the environment is by choosing a sustainable tabletop. Most tabletops are made of quartz, granite or marble. A brand called Teragren has released a line of tabletops that are free from formaldehyde and 100 percent non-toxic. Unlike the usual countertops, these come in natural caramelised colours. These will not only keep your kitchen green, but stylish as well.
  2. Cabinetry. When it comes to cabinets, maple cabinets are all the rage at the moment. While cherry cabinets used to be at the forefront of cabinetry, this is not the case anymore. Maple cabinets have an elegant finish and a timeless look that is sure to last for many seasons.
  3. Kitchen finishes. White, glazed, and medium natural finishes were once the most popular kitchen finishes in many homes. The times have changed and now dark natural finishes are on the rise. Coloured painted and light natural finishes are also gaining steam.
  4. Refrigerators. When it comes to refrigerators it often comes down to an issue of personal taste. However if we are talking trends, freezer-top refrigerators and freezer-bottom models are on their way out. On the other hand, French door and side-by-side refrigerators are a long way from declining.
  5. Lighting. Even the trends are catching the pro-environment fever. Incandescent lighting and compact fluorescent lights are being used less and less while LED energy-efficient lighting options are being used in many more homes. Another way to help the environment as you design your kitchen would be by using natural daylight as much as you can. This conserves energy and reduces your carbon footprint dramatically.
  6. Cabinetry upgrades. There was once a time when under-counter wine refrigerators once dominated. Now, un-chilled wine storage is on the rise. Lazy Susans are slowly losing their flavour along with tall pantries and pull-out racks.  A minimalist and uncluttered look is the way to go.
  7. Choice of colour. Nothing says trendy like your choice of colours in your kitchen. Kitchens used to be decked out in a lot of browns, off-whites, and whites. At present, the trend is veering away from these and moving on to shades of gray, beige and bones. Strong bursts of colour are also becoming quite trendy.

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It has been said that fashions fade but style is eternal. This statement not only rings true in the fashion industry, but in decorating one’s home as well. Home decorating trends will change every few years and even months, what is important is that you are comfortable, at ease, and happy with your choice of amenities, appliances, and décor for your kitchen. Remember that you will be spending a lot of time in it eating, preparing food, or just sitting around with your family. That said; make sure that you are happy with what you see. It is possible to be both trendy and true to your personal taste.

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