Transform Your Bathroom In Five Simple Steps

Your bathroom should be the room that represents your calm and collected self; this is because the bathroom should be a place of tranquillity and peace. The bathroom is probably one of the easiest rooms in the house to decorate that is because it does not take much to transform it into a modern and stylish space. To transform your bathroom, follow these five simple steps.

Step One

The first step to transforming your bathroom is giving it a deep clean. As there isn’t much to clean in your bathroom and you are probably already on top of the cleaning, it really won’t take that long. You should clean your sink and bath tub until it is sparkling and then move onto cleaning the bathroom walls, tiles and floor.

It is quite easy for your bathroom to build up grim and grub if you don’t clean it that often, this is because of the moisture and damp which you will have regularly in the bathroom.

Step Two

Once your bathroom is sparkling clean, it is now time to start transforming it. The best place to start is by giving it a fresh lick of paint. You can choose the same colour scheme that is already in place or you can make a change. The fresh paint will brighten up your bathroom and make it look clean and fresh.

As well as painting the bathroom walls, you should also look at giving the skirting boards, doors and cabinets a coat of paint. White surfaces in the bathroom can become discoloured quite often, this is because of all the moisture and grime attaching itself to the walls.


Step Three

If you have had your current bathroom style for a while now, you may want to change it completely. The biggest change which you can make in your bathroom is the flooring that you have. If you have changed the colour scheme in the bathroom, you may want some new flooring to match. You shouldn’t worry as bathroom flooring can be quite cheap. You have the options of choosing from laminate flooring and vinyl flooring in the bathroom, both of these you are able to fit yourself.

To help decide what flooring you want in your bathroom you should look at the cheap vinyl flooring and laminate flooring options.

Step Four

It is essential that you have enough storage space in your bathroom; the last thing you want is all your private belongings on show for prying eyes to look at. You can get bathroom cabinets rather cheap from most furniture stores. You probably won’t need any assistance fitting it in your bathroom either; as long as you know how to use a hand drill you will be fine.

Step Five

To complete your transformation you should pick out some bathroom accessories. The little things that you add to your bathroom will make a huge difference to the overall look. You may want to choose some new sparkly tap fittings, a few candles to go around the bathroom and a nice soap dish.

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