Top Tips On Giving Your Bathroom That Classic Vintage Look

Vintage look bathrooms are all the rage at the moment, so, if you’re thinking of revamping yours anytime soon, this particular style might have a lot of appeal.

Here I look at how everything from freestanding baths to the towel rail you pick can help create a classic vintage look to really catch the eye.

The Tub of Choice when it comes to Vintage – Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths have been around for a long time.

While once upon a time they would have graced only the homes of the rich and wealthy, they are now affordable for you and me and as such make a great addition to our home – mansion or manor not required.

When it comes to stunning look vintage baths, you are spoilt for choice with freestanding baths. Be careful though as there are also many freestanding baths with a more modern twist, best to go for the ones such as those featuring claw feet.

Don’t Forget The Sink And Taps

A classic looking sink is the next choice, and appropriate taps of course – no cubist designs here, look for some bronze, copper or nickel options, not the more shiny metal options we use these days.

For the sink, a pedestal sink is probably the best way to go when it comes to creating a vintage look.

Toilet Themes

Many old fashioned toilets tended to be very different to our more modern equivalent.

Look for ones with a tank separate from the unit itself, this is certain to give your room a more vintage feel.


Heated Towel Rail

While these may have been given a more modern twist, many of them are still available in vintage looks that suit a bathroom which is being designed to have a classic look


A quick and easy way to give your bathroom the vintage look, is to look through the kind of accessories that you can add to the room to give it that vibe. Not only can these be small and pleasant additions, but they can prove to be a little cheaper than the other components you’d typically think of when it comes to the look.

Of course while this can cover little things like soap dispensers or toilet roll holders, it can also extend to bigger items such as mirrors, light shades or light fittings. Have an idea in your mind before you start, are you going for a Georgian style approach or maybe something more Victorian?

Go For The Right Tone

Don’t go mad and pick bright outlandish colours, do your research and see what colours are more fitting of the style you are trying to achieve. If you are going for the Victorian look for example you will want to pick colours like burgundy and maroon, but again your research will give you more of a guide to what to aim for

So from picking one of the many classical freestanding baths, right down to finding the right accessories, there are many ways in which you can go about giving your bathroom a classic vintage look.

Louisa Jenkins is a home improvement expert. She believes that freestanding baths are a great starting point for revamping the bathroom into a more vintage look.

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