Top Interior Designers To Watch In 2013

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I have compiled a list of my favourite interior designers of 2012, who will pave the way to create your home into a place that will be the envy of all your friends in 2013.  And I have also included my personal star ratings out of five to show you just how good they are.

1. Su Ping Ong

Are you a fan of all things Batman? This interior designer was commissioned to design Christopher Nolan’s apartment, and it is a far cry from the glum background of Gotham City. Her designs feature sleek silver floors to create a futuristic feel, minimal furniture, and even garden shrubbery attached to walls- this designer places a huge focus on the importance of nature in today’s ever increasing city environments.

My Rating: *** – although Su Ping Ong will be a dominant force this year, not all of us can attach a garden shrub to our wall. Best to stick to the bonsai plant.

2. Bodie & Fue

This is the name that belongs to a Karin Candice; a French lady living right here in London. Not only does she offer excellent advice on her blog on the must-have pieces of the interior world, but she also showcases her own home. Not only can those stumped by interior design learn where to go for those chic items, but they can also see how they look implemented in this interior designer’s house. Plus by seeing the items in her house, it gives you an idea of how you can adapt key items to your own living space.

My Rating: **** With her infusion of French chic and Urban London living, Karin Candice demonstrates an ability to combine soft art with the reality of everyday life.

3. Interior Me

This Midlands based company have already amassed a reputation amongst locals as the place to contact for stylish home ideas. With international shipping now as standard, it is clear to see that this design team are eager to spread their ideas into homes across the world. If you are searching for a designer that offers elegance, as well as timeless classic pieces then Interior Me are suited for you.

My Rating: **** Definitely an upcoming interior design team to watch out for. Their simple designs are easily adaptable to living spaces of all sizes. Plus the prices are very reasonable.

4. Mick de Giulio

The kitchen is arguably the heart of the home; therefore many interior designers strive to really showcase their creative skills in this area. Mick de Giulio is renowned for his creativity in the kitchen and by combining the simple and practical with glamour this designer adds a new twist to ‘glass worktops’. Just to prove how good he is, his designs even won the  ‘Kitchen of the Year Award 2012.’

My Rating: ***** Full marks due to the unique design ideas for the kitchen, and there are also ideas for the rest of the house. In particular, the Blue Ranch collection showcases a means to incorporate dazzling blue glass worktops to your kitchen.

Have I missed out any of your favourite upcoming interior designers? Leave your thoughts below!

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