Top 5 Tips for Going with Solar Panels

A few years ago, going with solar panels was an extremely costly decision. Now with government rebates, more and more homeowners are choosing to take advantage of solar panels, which utilize sunlight to generate electricity for 25 years without any pollution. Here are the top five tips for going with solar panels.

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Financing the Solar Panels
Before you purchase solar panels for your home, you should look for government rebates to take advantage of. Without government rebates, solar panels may cost you thousands of dollars more. With government incentives, you can shave 50 percent off the cost of the purchase and installation of solar panels.

Saving Money
The reason why most people purchase solar panels is to help the environment while saving money on their heating bills as well. The best way to maximize the efficiency of your solar panels is by installing the solar panels well and by insulating your pipes and water tanks to ensure that less heat and energy is wasted.

Good Location
To ensure that you get the most out of your solar panels, you should scout out the best location for them. For the best results, you want to place your solar panels on a roof that faces the south. The solar panels should be at a 30 degree angle on the horizontal roof. Keep the solar panel away from trees, chimneys, buildings, and other things that will cast tall shadows on your solar panels.

Depending on where you live, you may want to power off the boiler of your solar panel system in the summer. The only reason why you may turn it off is if the water is too cold to shower, which may not happen often if you live in a rather hot climate. In the winter, you should turn on the boiler in the evening only. Only use the boiler when you know you will need hot water soon.

Size of Solar Panels
Generally, the size of the solar panels you buy should depend on how much space on your roof is available for the solar panels. Also, the size should also be affected by your electricity use. For example, if you use a lot of electricity, you will want bigger solar panels than the average homeowner.

There are plenty of things you should consider and think about when going with solar panels, such as the size of the solar panels, the planned location, and how you will be able to finance the solar panels.

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