Three Amazing Garage Transformation Possibilities

Some people require a little extra space, and the garage is seen as the best viable alternative for that space. There are some great ideas for transforming the garage into a workspace or a place for added entertainment value. Depending on the local climate there may be additional modifications to be made first; the garage may be need to be modified a little. Generally this means adding a false wall and weatherproofing the garage, but in some cases other modifications may be desired.

Game Room
The obvious transformation is to turn the garage into a game room, usually with a pool table or screen as the centerpiece. This allows you to have fun without being confined by the usual limits on noise. A nice carpet or rug may be added for comfort, as well as some old couches for the proper bachelor feel. A nice sound system may be added, but the emphasis is on “nice”; the house should have the better sound system. The garage door opener should be disabled, so as to better keep the weather out.

Movie Theater
For those that really like their movies, the garage can easily be modified into a movie theater. A big screen television, a great speaker system, and some comfortable chairs and couches can make for a great experience. Depending on how loud the speakers get, soundproofing may be considered. If the garage door is not completely disabled, as cold weather can actually add to the experience, the soundproofing needs to be reasonably portable. A small but significant modification is to paint it completely; for those with means to project this makes a great screen to watch movies on.

The hardest one, ironically given the sparseness of the area, is the greenhouse. The garage is perfect for growing plants, especially those that require some special care. You can easily set up areas where fertilizer is kept , as well as all of the chemicals required for proper care. An interesting modification is to take out the garage door and replace it with a glass window to let the sun in. If this done, Plexiglass is the most obvious solution, as it not only lets the light in but is tough enough to survive most weather and some attacks.

garage transformation

There are any number of modifications you can make to the garage to make it better able to handle whatever you want to throw at it. If you want to make an extra bedroom, consider adding a false wall so that you can weatherproof the garage in general yet still keep it useful for other purposes, such as fixing cars or storage. Even just weatherproofing the garage door better can then make the garage door an entry, which is great for the aspiring musician who can then use it for sleep and practice. There are unlimited uses for the garage; the garage need not be just for fixing the car, after all.

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