The World’s Most Extravagant Celebrity Homes

Celebrities use their earnings to transform their homes into the things dreams are made of. Here are some of the most extravagant examples of celebrities dream palaces, from the impressive to the somewhat unusual:

Alicia Keys

A house is bound to be outlandish if one celebrity is buying off another. One example was musician Alicia Keys buying a mansion in Englewood, New Jersey from comedy actor Eddie Murphy. The price was reportedly around $12 million. The mansion was built for an entertainer and named Bubble Hill. Along with marble fireplaces this property features an indoor pool, a bowling alley and even a private recording studio.

Tony Hawks

Just as a recording studio is perfect for a musician, as expected pro skater Tony Hawks has a big skate park at his house. But as well as this the pool area has an Asian theme to provide a peaceful feeling around the never-ending swimming pool and jacuzzi, proving celebrities can think outside the box.

Sir Richard Branson

If you have as much money as Sir Richard Branson then you can buy a whole island. Situated in the British Virgin Islands, the 74-acre Necker Island was bought by the entrepreneur in 1978. He turned it into a 10-bedroom resort which can be rented out for about $54,000 a day. He uses it personally and got married there in 1989. The Balinese-style villa contains rock pools and waterfalls with a magnificent view of the beach. Bamboo furniture and Asian antiques complete the theme and shows what can be done when money is no object.


Gary Neville

Ex-Man U and England footballer Gary Neville wanted to build an eco-home that was reminiscent of something from 90s children’s TV show Teletubbies. The Sky Sports pundit had a battle regarding planning permission. Depending on which newspaper you believe the building of the property has been put off due to Neville also wanting to build a hotel near Old Trafford. Alternatively, the delays could have been because neighbours voiced their concerns over a massive wind-turbine that would have been an eyesore.

Stephen Ireland

Footballer’s wages mean that their houses can often be over the top. Stephen Ireland is currently part of a struggling Aston Villa side but you wouldn’t know it from his extravagant house. The signs of an overpaid footballer can be found throughout the rooms. Situated in Prestbury, Cheshire, it includes a 12-metre indoor pool along with cinema and snooker rooms. There is even a pool table which has been customised to have the player’s surname across the cloth. Before suggesting this is a bit egotistical, he is in the very rare position of his surname also being his country of birth. Other items such as an enormous fish tank and a bedroom with a variety of lavish furnishings could even be compared to that of the Scarface film character Tony Montana.

Have you read about any celebrities that top this lot? If money wasn’t an issue, what outlandish themes and features would you add to your home?

Martin Huxley is a freelance journalist and music blogger with a passion for sport and design. He is here writing on behalf of Budget Windows, providers of conservatory and UPVC window quotes on the north east of England.

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