The Importance of Winterizing Your Home

With Labor Day, the unofficial end to summer gone, it’s soon going to be time to put way the shorts and flip-flops. Before you know it, it will begin getting darker earlier and cooler at night. Very shortly, we will need to start thinking about winter and what we can do to keep our homes warm during the colder months. There are many options, like an outdoor wood furnace, that can keep you toasty warm while the snow falls outside your window.

Prevent Drafts

The US Department of Energy reported that drafts suck up 5% – 30% of energy use. There are simple ways to prevent this from happening to you by placing rolled up towels or material scraps under drafty doors and windows. Be sure to check windows for drafts as well. Many big box stores and hardware stores sell window insulation kits to prevent the cold air from coming in.

Utilize Fans

Yup, a fan can help you in the winter. Operating your ceiling fan by switching it to the clockwise setting will help your rooms become warmer. The warm air that accumulates at the tops of your rooms will be pulled back down into the room by simply switching your setting.

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Purchase An Energy Monitor

An energy monitor can help project your monthly electric bill. This device will help families reduce their electricity consumption. Research has shown that when families use this device they remember to turn off lights and lower thermostats because they can watch their electric bill climb. Some companies report that customers have reported that their bills have dropped 15-20% while using the devices.

Earth Friendly Heating Solution

An outdoor wood furnace is a great technology that is an alternative to electric, oil, and natural gas heating for homeowners. These furnaces offer many different uses, which include in-floor heating, forced air, and hot water. It decreases owners’ dependence on fossil fuels and is a greener alternative to standard heating that is available. Customers will also see huge cost savings because of the reduced fuel requirements. This is a great heating solution for customers that are conscious of their carbon footprint and interested in reduced heating bills.

Remember that by taking a few extra steps, you can keep money in your wallet and make steps in helping our environment. You will surely enjoy spending the money you saved on next year’s summer vacation.

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