The Best Flooring Ideas For Your Kitchen

The kitchen plays a very important role in your home, so many see creating and decorating their kitchen as a top priority. However, every now and then essential repairs are necessary to maintain a safe, clean and comfortable living environment. Such repairs could, for example, involve replacing the old kitchen floor with a newer and more durable covering.

Factors To Consider

But here’s the conundrum – deciding which type of floor covering to go for in almost all other areas of your house is much easier than settling on the right choice for your kitchen. Because of the kinds of activities that take place in the kitchen, you’ll need to purchase a flooring material that can cope with a consistently high footfall and increased moisture levels. It will need to be largely resistant to food and drink spillages to ensure it maintains its look and finish throughout its service life, and it will need to be relatively easy to install around all your kitchen appliances and work surfaces.

Popular Choices

In terms of moisture, kitchen is the second area of the house aside from the bathroom where potential problems with liquids could arise. Liquids leaking from various sources such as broken garbage bags, defrosting freezers or occasional splashes of water from a sink could affect the look and texture of your floor after a period of time.

Sheet vinyl copes better than linoleum or laminate flooring when it comes to water damage. Vinyl installations mimic tiles but are easy to clean and maintain. Vinyl is typically available in a variety of different colours and can mimic various natural materials, including wood or stone, and its non-slip surface ensures your family or friends are less likely to slip or fall over.


Wooden Options

However, aesthetically speaking, vinyl isn’t always ideal. If you’d like to go for a more traditional look, take a look at real solid wood options – many of these surfaces can be water resistant depending on the end finish that has been applied. Bear in mind, though, that water cannot sit on top of these surfaces for a long period. Small water spillages won’t cause too much of a problem, but mopping these surfaces with large volumes of water is not advised, as you could end up inadvertently damaging the timber.

kitchen flooring

Real wood flooring not only sets off white goods and kitchen units perfectly – it also gives the kitchen that snug, cosy feel and looks substantially more luxurious than laminate or vinyl coverings. If you’re looking to kit out your kitchen on a smaller budget, consider engineered wood flooring, as it looks just as authentic but is often cheaper to install.

Jack Mead has worked as a floor installer and regularly blogs on behalf of a UK real wood flooring supplier.

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