The 7 Day Bathroom Challenge

Everyone loves poring over interior design magazines and Pinterest, checking out the beautiful bathroom designs that all seem so out of reach for anyone who’s not a millionaire. Whilst luxury bathrooms don’t come cheap, with a few minor changes you can give your plain and ordinary bathroom a touch of that high-class look at a fraction of the price.

Here are my 7 steps on getting there…One day at a time

Image via Charles & Hudson

Monday – Replace the Faucets

Nothing dates a bathroom more than old faucets – and if you live in a hard water area they’re probably tarnished with limescale too. If you can’t afford to replace your toilet, bath tub or sink you can still give them a budget-friendly update with new taps and handles.

To get that designer bathroom look, you’ll want to opt for something quite unique. Extra tall taps are the perfect, stand-out choice. Don’t be afraid to fit a ‘kitchen’ tap on your bath tub!

Tuesday – Create Storage Space

A quick flick through a home interiors magazine will show you a whole array of bathroom decoration ideas, but they all have one thing in common – there’s no ‘stuff’ lying around. Bottles of shampoos and shower gel lining every surface detract from the room’s appearance, so if you don’t have enough storage space you’ll need to create some more.

You might want to buy a new unit, or install some shelves. Whatever option you go for, look for furniture that is a little bit unique, whether that’s a simple floating shelf for a modernist appeal to a revamped wooden vanity for a more traditional look.

Wednesday – New Shower Curtain

Shower curtains feature prominently in any bathroom – they’re cheap to buy, but take up a lot of space so, if chosen wisely, can really bring that ‘wow’ factor to the room.

There are thousands out there to pick from but for a modern, designer bathroom you’ll be looking for something bold but simple. Look out for a plain, block-colour curtain in a bold colour, wide stripes, giant polka dots or similar.

Thursday – a New Shower Too

A stylish modern shower is more affordable than you might think and can really transform the bathroom, taking it from boring to beautiful.

Electric showers are not only a cost-effective way to heat water, but there are also options that allow the water-tank to be stored out of sight under the bathtub or in the loft so that all you have on show is a sleek, modern-looking control panel and the matching shower head. Triton electric showers are one of the best brands to keep an eye out for.

Image via Rogue Designs

Friday – Add Some Life

Create a fresh, vibrant look by bringing the outdoors in with a few well-chosen plants. I’m not talking about a cheap tub of your grandma’s petunias on the windowsill – look out for eye-catching blooms or sleek and simple plants such as bamboo or a narrow indoor tree with a tall trunk. They’ll need to be put in equally stylish pots or vases too!

Saturday – Sort Out the Soft Furnishings

Have you ever seen an interior design magazine that showed a bathroom with a random assortment of towels, unless they were ‘artfully mismatching’? Thought not. Throw out old, worn ones and pop the beach towels away until summer, then invest in a new set of colour-coordinated bath and hand towels that go with the rest of the decor.

Sunday – Spring Clean

Finally, nothing improves the way a bathroom looks like a good, deep clean! Now that you’ve got the hard tasks out of the way invest a couple of hours in really cleaning it properly. I don’t mean just wiping the surfaces either, really clean all those nooks and crannies until the whole room is glistening.

Then run a deep, hot bath with plenty of bubbles, pour a glass of champagne, lie back and enjoy your brand new designer bathroom!

Next room is the kitchen! Do you have any other budget renovation tips?

Estelle Page writes for Alert Electrical, one of the leading online retailers of electrical goods, including towel radiators, extractor fans and electric showers to help you achieve your dream bathroom design.


  1. Great ideas to start renovating our bathroom. Some says that it is in our bathroom that visitors would probably have the first impression of how the family would take care of their houses. This article made it easy for us to beautify and give a good impression 🙂

  2. Wow! I’m surprised to see an actual 7 Day guide about changing and renovating a bathroom! This will help me a lot! I really liked how you gave each day of the week just one thing to change in the bathroom, that makes renovating a lot easier. Do you have any other 7 Day guides in renovating besides the bathroom? 🙂

  3. water machines says:

    Great stuff. For kitchen i would recomment to chanfge the cabinet doors and if you got wooden cabinets and dont want to change them then simply polish them. It works great 🙂

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