The 5 Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators

The primary features one looks for when selecting a portable oxygen concentrator, aside from its basic functionality in providing oxygen on demand, include weight, portability, ease of use, and operational noise level. The following list represents some of the most popular options available, detailing the features of each to help you make a decision on which works best for your lifestyle.

1) Respironics SimplyGo

This petite and sleek Respironics portable oxygen concentrator offers features not found on any other concentrator currently on the market. It delivers a continuous flow of 2 liters per minute while delivering a pulse dose up to 6 liters per minute. This is four times the power of many of its competitors. Weighing in at just ten pounds, it is an excellent choice for highly active individuals who want something powerful and portable.

2) SeQual Eclipse

This incredibly reliable portable oxygen concentrator offers continuous flow and pulse dose options in a device designed for both stationary and mobile usage. Approved by the FAA, you can rest assured that this device may be taken along for the ride on most major airlines, cruise ships, trains, and buses. It has a battery life of 3 hours and can be charged while in use. To make it easier to take along for active users, it comes with a telescoping handle on its easy to use cart.

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3) Inogen One G3

Featuring an impressive battery life of up to 8 hours (with the optional 16-cell rechargeable battery) and a feather light weight of just over 7 lbs, this pulse dose portable oxygen concentrator is an excellent choice for the active user. It has been engineered to offer one of the quietest systems on the market, coming in at just 38 db. Comparatively, a whisper comes in at 20 db and the sound of a refrigerator humming is 40 db. It can charge while in use, and has a 12v plug for use in your car along with the standard DC power cord for home charging. If you stick with the standard 8-cell battery, it weighs only 4.9 lbs.

4) Respironics EverFlo

Heavier than many of its competitors on this list at 31 lbs, the Respironics oxygen concentrator is a reliable, quiet running module that is best for use around the home. The noise level is comparable to the Inogen One G3 at a better price point. Its features are easy to use and filters will last for two years, removing the need for patients to change them out entirely.

5) Invacare XPO2

Coming packaged in a streamlined, attractive black case that does not resemble medical equipment, this oxygen concentrator is lightweight and powerful. Just over 7lbs with the battery, it can last up to 5 hours on battery power alone with the supplemental one-pound battery that can slip into a pocket built into the carrying case. It offers nearly silent running and is approved by the FAA for use aboard most major airlines and other transportation options.

Searching for an oxygen concentrator that can meet your needs should not be challenging. There are many good choices but each offers slightly different features. The variety of options can help you pick an oxygen concentrator that suits your unique needs. Whether your primary concern is weight, portability, power, battery life, or operational volume, you can find one that works well for your lifestyle and grants you the freedom that these portable devices are designed for.

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